Wednesday, 18 August 2010

friends are always telling me, you're a user..

just a couple of outfits from the past day. today's outfit, to the left, is a satin-feel skirt from h&m which i love for it's nautical vibe, and bubble hem..the floral vest is just one of the millions i seem to have acquired this yr from primark, and the cardi was a total sale bargain from sainsbury's, think it was about £3..the most expensive item of the day is the miss selfridge scarf, which i love, but is already annoying me as it's so silky it keeps falling off - think i need tips on how to tie it nicely..
and the other outfit was last night's - i went to the bingo with a friend as she seemed like she needed a night out..the first thing i chose to wear was the headband, which i picked up in the miss selfridge sale for £1 recently and even then thought to myself "i should make one of these instead!"..the dress came from a boutique in the mailbox on a trip to bham, and cost about £10 and the grey cardi is a primark one which i have a love-hate relationship with, as everytime i think i'm fed up with it and decide to ebay it, it looks ok with something..
no other exciting news today, as i have a mile or so of to-do list to sort out, and then am off to drop my sold car off to the garage in advance of my new one in sept - so excited!! :)


  1. I was just about to comment on how gorgeous the scarf looked when I read that you were having problems with it - you'd honestly never know; it looks great.

    Total bargain on that beautiful floral dress as well!

  2. That floral dress is such a bargain, love the headband too!

  3. Fantastic outfits Char! Was the scarf I reason purchase... I really like it!?! x

  4. I love that in one of the pictures you can see a massive pile of shoes! That's what my house looks like too! :)