Thursday, 23 September 2010

i signed off and closed my eyes, then i was falling through the sky..

at the weekend, i excitedly had chance to plan an outfit around the long lusted-after poodle print blazer which I love! I saw this on a photo on the h&m website (more mention of this later), a few months back now, and totally fell for it. It's so me, I was told at the weekend by a friend who was staying, and o guess she has a point; bold colours? Check. kitschy print? Check! I decided it was on the "wishlist" as soon as I saw it, but living in a litle town, I didn't hold out much hope of ever seeing it in my local h&m..when I asked, the girl did say she thoguht she'd remember that one! Eventually the story ends with the fabulous alex texting me, and brightening up a hellish day of guide camp to tell me she had tracked or down..and since I picked it up I must admit it had been hanging from a bedpost ever since, begging to be styled into an outfit..I pondered this as I couldn't sleep in the early hours of saturday, and finally decided upon a black vest top with yellow floral print, last seen making an appearance with my mustard skirt..a primark bargain I think..I teamed it with a rather dull black jersey skirt, and a pair of lacey black tights..for a trip to the newlife charity warehouse with my friend, where I managed to bag some lovely bargains which will be featured soon I'm sure..
As for the h&m website..the online shopping facility is now supposedly up and running, but having had a little browse today, I can't say I'm all that impressed, it's not the best to navigate, and doesn't seem to be all that full of products! But I'm sure it will be ok in time!   


  1. Char, I LOVE this outfit. Please come and style me!

  2. Yay poodle jacket, it's a wonderful colour and very bold, it's a colour that suits you. I love your pile of beautiful shoes in the pic too :)
    Kandi x

  3. I'm so glad you got that poodle jacket, I love it on you. Mustard really suits you. xxx

  4. Ooh you look really different in these photos! In a good way though!

    I adore everything about this outfit - just the perfect mixture of colours and patterns :)

    Think I'll be sticking to the stores when it comes to H&M - I don't like the new website!

  5. Love the new layout and that fab outfit!