Friday, 17 September 2010

stop this crazy talk - leave right now and close the door..

i know i've worn this primark jumpsuit quite recently, and with the same shoes (quelle horreur!!), but as i got very little sleep and was feeling v uninspired this morning, and i really like both the jumpsuit and boots, i thought i'd wear them to work..
i added a dullsville black cardi, since the key elements should be the jumpsuit and boots, and also the primark pearl strand necklace i picked up at the weekend..


  1. But this is good! I like to see people getting lots of wear out of their clothes. That jumpsuit is darned fab not to wear loads.

  2. i love this jumpsuit! Your fashion sense is just like mine, and i also have a primark jumpsuit...aren't they fab!

  3. Also, would it be possible to use this picture of you the one in the jumpsuit, (i found it on google) in my blog? i am currently writing about my fave summer fashions and this is perfect! if not, then don't worry, but thanks anyway! x