Wednesday, 8 September 2010

this song is only wishful thinking..

this is actually something i wouldn't have thought i would ever wear - not exactly being a fan of anything trouser-like, yet something drew me towards this jumpsuit in the liverpool primark (it may have been alex's encouragement !!!) after our trying-on session when we got our haul home, i was probably up to 85% convinced i liked it, although figured it would need a little pinning / tweaking in order to be totally comfortable wearing it, but since buying it i have now worn it twice in the space of a week or so - that's good going for me!! the first outing was to Silverstone for the day last week, where my dad was participating in a driving session at the porsche test track..i teamed the jumpsuit with one of my first ever pairs of irregular choice - gold spatz ankle boots..which i love, as they are nice and comfy even after a day of walking round :) the black cardi is one of my wardrobe staples at the moment, i think i wear it far too often - it's starting to look rather tatty in fact - so i think i need to be more adventurous with my layering..but i love the jumpsuit!
this grey / floral dress was a sale find during my trip to liverpool to visit the marvellous was from vero moda - a shop i hadn't been in before, but would definitely bear in mind in the future - the store reminded me a little of zara in it's layout and the style of clothes, and we were drawn to the sale rails - i found this dress for a fab £15 and a wonderful floral playsuit for £10! this dress was worn to work last week with the grey beret as i drove to work in the new car wth the roof down, so mainly to stop my hair getting *too* windswept! i'm almost excited about the colder weather - so long as it's crisp and not raining, expect roof-down driving with a wooly hat and scarf and the heated seats on full!! :)


  1. I love that jumpsuit. I haven't worn one since the 80's and my body shape has changed a lot since I was 10. I might try one on next time I'm shopping and see what they are like on me.

    I think I need a shopping buddy like Alex!


  2. That jumpsuit is amazing!! Yay for new car driving :)

  3. Oh Caroline, I'm hopeless if you're trying to save money. I think everything looks gorgeous so I just go "BUY IT!" all the time.

    And the jumpsuit does look gorgeous so yay for deciding to keep it! Ditto the grey dress which is such a cute, flattering shape and colour. I sort of wish I'd bought myself the playsuit, even though it didn't fit properly at all.

  4. That jumpsuit is absolutely amazing, I love the print on it. I must say, people like Alex is the reason I always shop alone ;)

  5. The jumpsuit is great on you, Char. It's like a maxi dress only with legs and a right bugger when you want the loo but gorgeous nonetheless! Great choice, Alex. xxx

  6. The jumpsuit looks great on you and as Vix says it's not all that far from a dress!


  7. :) thanks for comments how cool is that pattern? Sure you can have a copy, If I ever manage to knit one I'll send you one of those too!
    Kandi x

  8. I really need to find this horse jumpsuit! You would love the bird one too, exactly the same shape and thin branches, birds all over in greens, yellows (if I remember rightly). I was screaming in the shop when I saw the short horse playsuit-I love the fabric-just a shame they haven't made it in a dress-I haven't worn trousers for years and don't quite think I have the figure for it now.