Monday, 25 October 2010

and i'm 23 and invincible, got the world figured out and a bird on my shoulders..

 nope, your eyes are not deceiving you - i actually left the house in a pair of trousers on saturday morning! they were a sale purchase from the warehouse outlet store quite a long while ago now, and i hadn't really given much thought to what i'd wear them with, but i decided on saturday that if i wasn't going to get rid of them, i'd have to get some wear out of them!!
i have to say, i'm still not convinced..i thought that some super-high heels would combat the frumpy bagginess of the cut, but i'm not really sure if that works or not..and i thought that i'd just chuck on a fairly boring vest, in a petrol-grey type colour to pick out the colour of the floral pattern, and a sequin blazer-style jacket which i picked up from tesco (yes, again!!) in the sale for £6 back in Jan..

i'm not sure what my weird "thing" is with trousers..i'm always conscious of my "middle section" when i wear a pair, and yet i don't seem to get that same self-consciousness with a skirt and top, which would surely be the same?! i've never been happy with my legs, and maybe that's another reason for not being overly sure - i've always considered myself to have somewhat chunky thighs, and this year's cycling has certainly made sure my calves have grown too, which i'm not happy about one little i'm not sure whether these will be featured again..they may just be sent to the blog sale page..unless i can think of a different way to wear them, as i'm not overly convinced with the look..
i had to change by the time i got home anyway, as a short downpour struck whilst i was walking home (thankfully the shoes dried out ok - i was a little worried due to their velvety finsih!) and i got drenched, so have got another saturday outfit to show also!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, my dear! More trousers are needed in your life. xxx

  2. I think they look fantastic on. x

  3. Trousers, yay! You should definitely wear them more often - they look great!

  4. You look great but I understand your things with trousers, I'm the same. Most people seem to think trousers hide things, I find they leave everything exposed. A skirt is much more...well...modest I suppose, even a short one.

    Those Topshop leggings are GORGEOUS! But £30...hmmm!