Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And we'll roll the dice on a beach-front tropical paradise

 apologies for the fact that these pictures were taken before i'd had the chance to make my hair look that little bit more presentable..
this was my simple Sunday outfit, having spent the previous evening at a friend's house, this was my outfit for our lazy day of shopping, and lunch out..

the star print dress is from george @ asda a couple of yrs ago i think, and i love the colours..i teamed it with bottle green tights, and the teal beads to bring out some of the colours of the stars, and the black cardi, which is a little boring by my standards..that said, i did also add a dark green winter coat to this, and purple satchel bag, (and purple nails)..

a lot of people have asked for a little more about i'll happily do a Q+A post in a week or so..therefore if there are any questions, please comment with them in the meantime :)


  1. Gorgeous dress - I'm a total sucker for star print anything. And your hair looks fab - what are you on about??

    I am terrible at thinking of questions. Hmmm... If they made a film of your life, which actors would play the main characters?

  2. Really love the dress and the teal beads look so great with it. I also love how you're always so fabulously glam - looking at your blog reminds me to wear my dresses more often!