Tuesday, 5 October 2010

diamonds on the soles of her shoes..

 i'm sure that anyone who has even stumbled into my blog by mistake will know that i have something of an addiction to shoes, in particular Irregular Choice..

i have well into the hundreds of pairs, and there are still many on my "wish-list"..i tend to be more a fan of the older styles as a general rule, and it's lovely when they do a new twist on an old style..

this is my newest pair - they turned up yesterday, which filled the rest of my day at work with a girlish excitement..i love the fact that the boxes are so pretty and colourful, almost as much as the shoes themselves!
these are "rocko" heels..i love this record print, as it makes me think of 50s poodle skirts and massive halterneck dresses with petticoats, and choosing between the pink and the yellow version was a little tricky at first, but i thought the contrast of the yellow and black was much more striking..i love the transparent heels, with the cute carved leaf detail in them - the heels are nice and chunky, and the shoes themselves are nice and comfortable - have been wearing them 5hrs or so so far today, and no problems yet :)

of course, today's outfit has had to be dressed around the shoes..because they are such a bright yellow, i didn't want to overdo it with a yellow dress, so went with this primark prom dress, which has yellow / grey rose print and a bit of a net skirt underneath to give it some shape..the stripey cardi / shrug is also from primark, and was thrown on in lieu of a black cardi as the trusty black cardi is in the wash..but i think it works ok..


  1. Are the heels clear/ ambery coloured? I am hugely in love with them. Beautiful shoes. And I really like the mixture of patterns you are wearing.

  2. Love, love, love the shoes. I really need to track down a pair that I like with that heel.

  3. Wow! Loving the shoes. You could probably get away with anything wearing them. xxx

  4. The heels are a kind of translucent yellow colour ;)

  5. Those heels are amazing in every single way!