Tuesday, 19 October 2010

every time i look into your eyes..make me wanna die..

apologies for my somewhat moronic expression here, not sure what i was trying to achieve!!
i totally wanted to wear these boots yesterday, so styled the rest of the outfit around them, and they did manage to brighten up my day quite a lot, making it a much more promising start to the week!!

i chose the relatively simple-cut dress, added the skinny belt to pick out the red of the poppies in the print, and the red shrug whcih is from tesco (again - i do seem to have a lot of tesco clothing!!)

i really do like these boots, they were from ebay, but are an office pair, and had no wear on them when they arrived - i was v pleased to find a pair, my friend has the same boots, bought whilst we were in uni in the Office sale, and I have kept my eye out for a pair in my size ever since..and have now finally worn them - i think they'll be a foootwear staple once the weather starts getting a little worse, they're so comfy!! :)

hope everyone else is having a nice start to the week!


  1. That's a great photo of you. I love the red popping up at the minute and the boots are dreamy. Don't you love Autumn giving us an excuse to wear boots.
    Kandi x

  2. OHHHH i love this outfit, the dress is gorgeous and perfect with the skinny belt and i love those boots x

  3. Those boots are fab! Such a vibrant colour. Gorgeous dress print, looks like lots of little paint splashes.x

  4. The whole outfit is to die for. Love the dress, love the belt and shrug and I ADORE the boots!

  5. Love the touches of red throughout the outfit, the print on that dress is so pretty!