Friday, 15 October 2010

the friday sun bears down again, as we drive with our friends..

 i really really loved this "seven curses" dress from the moment i set eyes on it, in all it's £150 all saints glory..i stuck it on the wishlist and made a beeline for all saints everytime i went to the bullring after that, but the price seemed determined not to fall..
i then found it on the website a little while later down to £90, which i felt was a little more reasonable..and bookmarked the site until payday, when it was 'sold out' - grr!
finally, the story ends with sis and i going january sales shopping to the bullring and there being a few left on the sale rail for £46; resulting in me squeaking in excitement at finding a 12, and rushing to the checkout!! i love the print, which reminds me of pirates and monsters..
today i decided it would go nicely with the grey rose bracelet which was part of the giveaway win i received last week..i love it!! other than that, i just added a thick pair of bluey grey tights as it seems to be a fair colour match, and a dull black cardi..


  1. Perseverance does pay off! Well worth the wait I reckon, cos it looks gorgeous on you :)

  2. omg omg omg that dress

  3. The dress is a lovely, lovely fit on you. You look great. And what a find to get it at £46 when it was so much orginally. x

  4. That dress is gorgeous, well done for holding out for a bargain! Glad you like the bracelet!