Friday, 1 October 2010

how many times have i kicked you out of here, or said something insulting...

 good morning and happy friday (although as i am messing about with the post scheduling feature on here, chances are it won't actually be morning anymore when i get round to posting this!)
a new month, and a new challenge for i'm sure is evident from the amount of new clothes and shoes which i am always wearing, i own an awful lot of i have decided that for the month of october, i am not going to purchase any more..i treated myself to one pair of shoes, and one dress earlier this week, before we got into the month when they arrive, they will be "new", but not breaking the rules..i know it's not as extreme as some of the challenges which are going on this yr - e.g. £100 clothes budget for the yr!?! i couldn't do that one! but for me it will be a challenge of sorts, and i will be able to put my pay-cheque to something more useful, like bills and xmas shopping..

and today's dress is "new to me" anyway - as i have mentioned, i went to newlife a couple of weeks ago with a friend.. this is one of the dresses she bought, but when i saw her for a trip to the bingo last night (i won £10!!) she had brought me a bagful of goodies which she had cleared out, and put this in it as she wasn't a fan of how it fitted..i really love the print, it reminds me of one of the patterns topshop used for a dress (not sure if it was a kate moss one) at some point in the last yr or so..i'm not sure where this one originated from, but i think it's lovely!! it's got a teeny black belt round the middle, and the pansy print is so lovely and bright that i figured a dull black cardi wouldn't detract from it too much..'s shoes are a paid which i love, but haven't worn v much - maybe only once since finding them in primark last winter..i didn't exactly pick the best day for them, as it's tipping down with rain this morning, and i managed to stumble down the front steps of the flats, which means the right one now has a couple of muddy smudges on it ;(
but i am glad i remembered about them, all down to a recent post by one of the bloggers i have started reading recently, as she seems to share a love of irregular choice shoes and pretty dresses..(if you haven't stumbled across the shoe girl diaries yet, do check it out!) and when she did a post about some orange suede heels i remembered mine and figured i would try and wear them again soon, so i was very glad for the timely arrival of this dress!

..the bangle was a warehouse one, bought several yrs ago, but it was the closest one i could find to the colours in the dress, as i figured one with a bit of orange in it would work..also stuck a black bow clip in my hair, which is staying messy today..intentionally messy, if anyone asks!

one last thing - i have recently updated my blog sale page, where i am / will be adding items which i'm clearing out from my overcrowded wardrobes..if there is anything which takes your fancy, please just email or comment me..there is a link at the top of the blog home page ( i hope anyway, as it took ages messing with it the other day to try and get it working) and that says when it's last been updated too..


  1. You look gorgeous today! The print on that dress is everso pretty and goes perfectly with those heels. I never consider Primark for heels which I think is a failing - shall investigate tomorrow!

  2. You look absolutley bloody fantastic Char!

  3. LOVE those shoes, but way too high for me!

  4. I remembr loving those shoes last time I spotted them, great outfit and tremendously fab legs! xxx

  5. Oh, those shoes are amazing! Orange isn't a colour I would normally think of wearing, but they look absolutely fantastic!

  6. Love absolutely everything about this outfit! You look fab Char!