Friday, 8 October 2010

i simply remember my favourite things, and then i don't feel so bad..

today's blog post is all about yesterday's real post..(and also my outfit)..

first of all, as i was ploughing my way through another stressful day at work, the post arrived with some lovely things to cheer me up!! the lovely, and clearly v talented Alex made me this pom pom scarf (she has done a post on how), which i'm trying to decide what to wear with, but looks lovely and snuggly for the cold days we seem to be having all of a sudden - i had to de-ice my windscreen this week for the first time!!

my second lovely item of post was a parcel from the lovely vicky of ladybug says as i was one of the lucky winnners of her giveaway!!
she wrote me a lovely card, and i won all these goodies, so i'm very excited! i love the print on the scarf..

as for yesterday's outfit, i was pleased when i found this vintage dress in the wardrobe, and it turned out that it fits a lot better than the last time i wore it, when it was a little tight around the waist - i do have some issues when it comes to shopping vintage; whilst i love it, i don't really have the figure for a lot of the lovely vintage dresses i come across, so i tend to end up feeling fairly elephanine..that said, i have managed to find some lovely pieces and it hasnt' put me off my love of vintage styles! i do also love this waiscoat, maybe one of my favourite ever primark finds, and there is also a close-up of the pixie boots, as the last pic wasn't very good..the ring is a primark bargain as well i think, and is currently being superglued back together as i managed to break it in two shortly after taking this pic ;S
as for the faux fur headband, it was down to £1 in primark, and whilst i#m concerned i look a little bit like i'm off to russia, i kinda like it..and it was cold with the roof down yday!


  1. you look so cute! and hurrah for exciting post. I have a letter for you, actually, but keep forgetting to post it :(

  2. You look great! That waistcoat was such a good buy.

    Can't wait to see you wearing the scarf. Twiddle the pom-poms around if you want to move the colour combinations - I did do it so they were nicely spaced away from each other but they have a habit of twizzing round!

  3. Hurrah for pompom scarfs! I still haven't worn mine.

    I really really love that furry headband, nothing wrong with the 'off to Russia' look in my opinion.

    Congrats on your win as well, I won a blog giveaway recently but I'm still waiting for my prize to make its way over from the States

  4. Ahhh I love this outfit post! Your hat is so cute and that frog pattern in the first two photos is cute too. Love that ring as well! xxx

  5. Glad you liked the prize! That dress is gorgeous, such a fab colour!