Saturday, 23 October 2010

i wanna run, but only far enough to make you miss me..

 hello all..sorry for being so disorganised for the past week or so, have had so much to get on top of, that the posts have been slipping a little, but i think i'm back on track now..
one of the outfits from this week..
the dress is a primark number, purchased much earlier in the year..picked out of the wardrobe as i was feeling relatively uninspired and it was *relatively* crease-free..

the rest was fairly dull, as i just chucked on a black cardi and black tights - the first wear of the black tights must mean winter is well and truly on it's way..

talking of tights, i was reading one of the Sunday supplements a couple of weekends back, and something caught my attention on tights - basically a whinge that after all of the exciting opaques, patterns and colours, there was a move in the 'fashion pipeline' back to the nude tights..have been desperately trying to track down the article to link, but the writer was going along the lines that granny-style nudes are not cool, esp not for winter..I totally have to disagree here! I live in nude tights most of the time, winter or summer, as I'm not all that happy with entirely baring my legs, and most of the time the weather doesn't give much opportunity to anyway! But what's so wrong with them?! Ok, so I have to buy then often as they don't often last more than one or two wears with me. But as I get them
from primark on the whole, they hardly break the bank. And I think they go fine with everything; whilst I do like opaques, abd bright colours, I'm
not all that confident with them for everyday wear, and I have always thought that black opaques are a little wintery..I guess my point is, nude tights totally get my vote, they're one of my wardrobe staples!

and last up, the shoes..a pair of irregular choice, which I though went ok with the pinks in the dress, and in the lipstick print scarf I threw on too as i was leaving the house..I must really learn the trick to keeping silky scarves on me, I find they all just fall off me, which causes great frustration..


  1. *dies* those shoes!
    I'm re-training myself to walk in heels to I can wear my IC beauties :) I have my eye on several pairs right now...I blame you for that ;)


  2. Just to say I agree wholeheartedly with you about the nude tights thing - I seriously couldn't live without them. I think I've read that same article too (or at least one very similar) and I think it's just a bit of tights-snobbery going on really!

    Oh, and your shoes are STUNNING!

  3. Love the striped scarf with the rose print, very quirky, Char!
    Was it Hadley Freeman in the Guardian, on her Monday fashion question page? I'm sure I read it, too. Must admit to not sharing nude tight love, I'm afraid. xxx

  4. I think my problem with nude tights is that I can never find quite the right shade and they always look a bit over tanned on me. They are useful but I prefer my coloured tights.

    If you find the answer to the sill scarf thing, do let me know! I end up having to knot them and I worry it'll leave marks :(

  5. Lovely outfit Char. Gorgeous shoes, dress and scarf. Just fab.
    I'm the same as Alex, can never find the a shade anywhere near light enough for me.

  6. I have that scarf and it does the exact same thing on me, just slips off constantly so i just end up shoving it in my bag.
    I read that about nude tights, i think it might have been in the You magazine? I have no issue with nude tights really but i much prefer thick coloured and patterned opaques on me
    I love your shoes btw xxx

  7. I like nude tights, I don't often wear them but I think they are generally preferable to bare legs. I always fancied a pair of those really thick opaque shiny nudes that dancers wear, they make legs look amazing! x