Saturday, 30 October 2010

i would stop time to stay with you..

i'm still playing catch-up with my outfit posts - hoping to get up to speed soon..this is a work one from earlier in the week, i was pretty desperate to wear my chunky new floral necklace, so went ahead and did so; whether it really goes with the dress or not, i'm not sure, but having had a fairly hectic week with busy evenings, i haven't done anywhere near the required amount of ironing, so the choice of suitably ready-to-wear dresses was somewhat diminished..i do like this miss selfridge dress, though - the print is rather cheerful ;)

i've noticed that i've been missing posting my shoes for the last few photos..will try to do some dedicated shoe-posts soon as i have had a few comments about them..

hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)


  1. gorgeous outfit! it looks so vintage! very well put together x

  2. I do love that necklace. I totally neglected looking at jewellery yesterday, fail!

  3. The necklace and dress are both gorgeous - clashing florals are a total yes in my book.

  4. Beautiful look on a beautiful girl! That necklace is fab. xxx