Tuesday, 26 October 2010

if you love me at all, don't call..

due to saturday morning's downpour, which timed itself nicely to coincide only with my walking home from the library - 5minutes later and it was glorious sunshine again! nevertheless, i had been drenched, and therefore had to change outfit before leaving for my friend's house..

the dress is one of the many i purchased on my last trip to the newlife centre, and hadn't yet worn - i am making a bit of an effort to wear some of the things which i haven't got round to yet, before i buy anything new..the dress is a bit of an odd length on me, but maybe it just seems that way because i teamed it with these pixie boots, not sure..the topshop cardi was one i had lusted over for aaaaages and then finally bought myself earlier this year on my bday shopping trip, and the silky scarf is antoher one which is just frustrating unless tied in a couple of knots!
as i was just wearing this for the car journey, and the remainder of the evening, i wasn't fussed about being particularly "dressed up" or  i probably would have gone for heels..


  1. Pretty, pretty dress. I love it with Topshop cardi, the colours go so well.

  2. love this char!
    what is the newlife centre? it sounds like I want to go!

  3. Love the colour of the cardi against your pretty hair. Please can we have a hair tutorial? Your hair looks lovely up. xxx