Sunday, 31 October 2010

instead of goin' out to dinner tonight, we can grow vegetables underneath our skylight..

having read this inspiring post by Vix yesterday evening, i've been thinking a little more about my own spending habits..yes, i managed to cut down on the clothes-spends last month, and use the money i would have spent for better things; getting on top of my bills, and paying things off sooner than i thought i would etc, but what else can i do..?

don't get me wrong, i'm not being forced to do this or anything, i'm not in a particularly 'bad' position - and i know people who are finding themselves in a much worse financial position than me (which isn't great when it's someone you care about) of my best friends has managed to get themselves into a complete and utter financial mess, and i guess that was what started me thinking about my own situation - it's all very well being judgemental and giving advice when it's someone elses' situation, but who am i to lecture on the subject?! it's not as though i have any debts, but neither am i in a position to buy my own property, which given the fact htat i am lucky enough to have a relatively decent job, with a little better control over my finances i should have been able to do by now - rather than spend every last penny in primark..

 i've never had a credit card; the thought of even applying for one scares me as i know what i'm like when it comes to shopping, i'm always led very much by my heart rather than my head and can quite often end up with things which i don't necessarily suit or, worse still, need..but neither have i ever been that big on saving..
i think i'm going to use the rest of the year to sort myself out a little bit, cut back on unecessary spending (not cut out all spending altogether, as that's kind of going from one extreme to the other), and then start the new year with a new financial resolution to save a set amount each month, which will be a start for me..i think with a bit of sensible budgeting i should be able to do this rather well..

i think it will just come down to "do i actually need that..?!" and making use of the ridiculous amount of things i have already got..i have become a little disheartened with selling on ebay recently, but i may make a bit of an effort to clear out some of the things i don't need / wear / have never ever worn and list them on there..

i realise this post has turned into more of a rambly diary-entry, but i'm going to post it anyway, and hope that it acts as a reminder to me :) please feel free to add any tips..


  1. Vix's post really made me think as well. I've bought a couple of things for the new house recently, but my new rule is that I can only buy 'treats' out of my paypal balance, which means I need to sell something to get something.

    Also, because I will be a full time student next year, we are being really careful with spending starting this month. Doing sensible stuff like meal planning, less takeaways... we've already discovered that we love making our own pizzas more than getting Dominos!

    Let us know how you get on x

  2. What an honest post, Char. Well done for posting it.
    It's so easy to keep spending, the shops have always got new and pretty things in them and magazines, newspapers and now, even blogs, constantly bombard us with images of stuff we don't need but think our wardrobes will improve if we give in.
    Mt biggest motivator was by chronicling every purchase I made over a period of a month and realised I was spending far too much on fripperies I didn't need. I worked out exactly how much I needed to live on and left myself a contingency fund of £25 a week, the rest was automatically transfered into a savings account the day after payday. After a few months when I saw the savings mount up spending became harder as I could really see the fruits of my labours.
    Hope this helps and good luck. xxx

  3. this is a fabulous post Char,

    my attitude to spending has changed a lot, too.

    much love, and happy halloween x

  4. Very good plan!

    You know what made the most difference to me when I set about tackling my money situation? Not buying lunches. Make sandwiches at home or bulk cook the night before and take leftovers into work - saves you an absolute fortune!

    Also, set up the savings as a standing order at the start of the month. That way it's out of your bank account and you aren't tempted to spend it the way you would be if you left it till the end of the month to transfer it into an account. Just treat it like another bill to pay and that way it doesn't seem like money that's available to spend.

    An ebay/wardrobe blitz sounds like a great idea too :)