Saturday, 9 October 2010

i've been running around, always looking down at all i see..

not really a huge amount to say about this outfit, except maybe sorry for the sad state my hair seems to be in, this was taken after a day at work and a couple of hours helping out at my friend's guide unit in the evening, so i guess all the excessive sweeping up of the village hall took it's toll!
this dress i picked mainly to match the nails that one of my guides painted for me at our meeting on monday eve, a kind of deep red colour, which is well matched to this dress - the other laura ashley bargain sale dress i was really pleased with - this is the one i'd been price-stalking for ages (there's v little wonder the snooty woman in our local store doesn't like me is there, all i do is go in, find what i want, and then huff over the price!) but at £35 this was, in my book, a bargain..i do love the style on me, it's a proper girly dress!!
the heels i picked were an ebay find fairly recently - i already have the yellow and red versions, and am always on the look-out for the baby pink gingham pair ;) they're a lovely simple old-style pair of IC's, which i do have in plenty of colours and patterns in my collection, but they are soooo easy to wear!!!


  1. Such a preety dress on you, Char adn great shoes as always. xxx

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  3. That dress is lovely on you, fab fit and colour! Been reading back and am lovin that you have found the inspiration to outfit post. You are always so fantastically put together. x