Sunday, 24 October 2010

Little League in '93 taught me how to take defeat..

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Sorry for no outfit post today, typing this speedily on phone as I'm at a friends house for the weekend..outfits
to post tomoro tho..and I seem to have befriended a cat!

I'd like to ask for some suggestions..I have a
little giveaway planned for the next week or so, but want to know what else people would like posts any suggestions/ questions are welcome..


  1. I'd like to see a little about you post. Maybe 10 facts, or somes likes and dislikes.. that kinda thing.
    I'd also like to see some house pics as it always looks so cool in the background. x

  2. I'd love to see some older photos of you - loved the post you did to prove that you used to wear trousers!

  3. I want to see more of your shoes! Close up too =) xx

  4. I agree with the first commenter, a little list about yourself would be lovely. And thank you for the bracelet, it's beautiful. And yes, those cookies were delicious. I'll put the recipe up on my blog for you. xxx