Monday, 11 October 2010

right now i need you more than i ever did before..

a thoroughly uninspired outfit choice from friday, this dress was one i hadn't worn before, purchased from ebay - i think it's vintage but not sure, at the very least it's handmade; there are no tags and it just has that "look"..but it fits me really nicely so i am happy with it, just not sure about the boring cardi i put with it..i wasn't feeling very inspired (or happy by the look of my expression!!)

but never mind, it's a new week now, after all!


  1. I freaking love that dress Char x

  2. what a beautiful, colourful dress - a total find - Well done :o)

  3. The colours in the dress are so lovely and fresh. I think the cardi looks fine as it lets the dress colour and pattern do all the talking. x

  4. I love that dress, it is so perfectly you =)

    Look out for the postman in the next couple of days! xx

  5. Oh i have those uninspired days too but at least you have a pretty dress

    Bright Green Laces

  6. Oh it's gorgeous! You find the nicest patterned dresses. I'm with Nici on this one - a simple cardi is better with such a vibrant dress so don't worry about it being boring, it's not!