Wednesday, 6 October 2010

she said a bad day's when i lie in bed and think of things that might have been..

here is one of last week's outfits - i'm getting a lot better at remembering to take the photos, but not so great at finding the time to post them!

i really like this pair of boots, i picked them up in primark when i went to liverpool..i think they're a nice colour to go with a lot of the winter accessories i've acquired recently..i was a bit conscious that my legs looked a bit chunky in this picture, but added it anyway so the boots could be seen..the dress is another new-life find, a kind of rara effect of different floral prints, and the grey cardi has been worn so much recently that i think i need to find a new staple knit!! the necklace was down to £2 last time i went to primark, and i like the metallic colour..and i thought i'd go for some outside pics whilst the weather wasn't too bad..

p.s - has anything taken your fancy on the blog sale page??


  1. Ooh I like that dress Char. The tiered effect is really different and funky.

  2. Your legs do NOT look a bit chunky at all! It's a great outfit, you put things together so well.
    Re your blog sale - what length is the rainbow jacket (yes, you were right about me liking it!) as it looks like it might not be quite long enough, also the chest measurement as I'm considerably bigger than you!
    Send me a FB message with your address and what colour you'd like a bear headband, please don't say brown as it would depress me to work with it, I'll probably have time to do it before next week =)


  3. I'm loving your booties! Too cute!


  4. Fab dress, love the way the teal necklace picks up teal colours in the dress!