Friday, 22 October 2010

'til the time you start changing the rules, i'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes..

 for a few moments this morning i did have to consider whether or not it was acceptable to leave the house in a rather indecently short pinafore dress, and heels..well, whilst i wanted to wear the heels, i wasn't sure i was quite confident enough for them, and changed into flat pumps (tesco yet again!!)

the outfit is (well, apart from the pumps now), entirely primark..when i purchased it, i had absolutely no idea what i was going to wear with a sheer grey bardot-cut top..but i rather like the neck  details, it's quite ruffled..and i think it works nicely under this pinafore..have just realised what a terribly unflattering shape that photo makes me - maybe the pinafore dress isn't so great after all  :( ! oh well..
the silver sequin shoes are primark also, i don't wear them very often - had sort of forgotten i owned them, but i did bottle out of wearing them today..i like the fact that they have a removable ankle strap, and unlike similar styles, work just as well without them if you don't need an ankle strap..

the blog-win bracelet makes yet another appearance, i'm not sure i'd realised i had so many grey-based outfits until i started wearing this haha!!
apologies for the somewhat abysmal quality of this last photo, i was just leaving the house ( late of course - for someone who rarely sleeps and is therefore up at 5am most days, it's shocking how late i usually am to leave the house sometimes - i just faff!!) and thought of this hooded scarf thing, purchased a couple of yrs ago from river island (had to totally talk the ex into this, he thought it was mad!) it's basically a chunky scarf with a hood, and pom poms - i love it, but rarely remember scarves, so don't wear it enough!


  1. Indecently short? Pah! It looks amazing on you - check out your legs!

    Also, I officially heart the hooded scarf.

  2. that dress is killer on you Char, and I am oh so jealous of your scarf!
    Have a fabulous weekend <3 xxx

  3. Hooded scarves are genius, brilliant when your coat doesn't have a hood =) xx

  4. Char you look amazing in the dress. Your legs are gorgeous!
    Love the scarf/hood thing. We sold something similar 2 years ago and I wished I'd bought it cos it was fab. x