Monday, 4 October 2010

trying to find lots of things not to do..

as a general rule, i'm not a person who enjoys having nothing to do..i am someone who works a lot better under pressure, and i am definitely more productive when i have a deadline..this is the same at home as well as work, i'd much prefer to have a few things to do in a day rather than a whole day to do as i pleased..i'm the queen of to-do lists, i don't think i'd get anything done without one! however, last weekend, having made no plans, i was a little stuck for some inspiration for how to spend my when i was invited to visit for the day by one of my best friends from uni, i jumped at the chance, as it gave my weekend a plan! :)
that said, neither of us was feeling particularly flush, and we had no idea on what to actually do..but off i went nonetheless, after a mini-panic about what one wears to do "nothing"..we had no plans as such, but were both fairly sure we'd find something to do..
as the day started bright but cold, i went for layers - the purple warehouse dress has featured recently, and i layered it over a cappuccino coloured lace body (which isn't seen in the photos), and under this cute squirrel print tee from tesco, which i adored when i saw it (i so often come back from food shopping with a new addition to the wardrobe, but i do think their clothes range is great value, and recently has some fab stuff - we're also lucky in that the local store stocks a large range of clothing!)
i added the waistcoat which is fast becoming one of my favourite things this season - the whole colour scheme screamed autumn to me, although i figured the coloured tights would be good as otherwise i was worried the whole lot would seem a bit brown and boring..i added some primark pixie boots which are a kind of pixie colour, and the purple cloche hat which i really like..although, truth be told, i swapped to a wooly hat for the drive there, as i had the roof down and was worried baout the purple one blowing off as it's a little loose..
when i got there, another of our friends came to join us for the day, too, and we managed to spend a hugely enjoyable day doing 'nothing much'..well, we went impromptu wedding dress shopping, as both of the others are engaged and planning to get married by 2012, and actually it really suprised me how much choice there is with a wedding dress! (not that i'm interested..but that's another post )..

after a pop back to friend's house for tea, we decided to wrap up super-snug and take her pup for a walk on the beach, which was lovely as we were there for a couple of hours as the sun was going down.we then stopped into the boat club (where her fiance's dad spends all his spare time) for a quick coffee and warm up by the fire, and then headed home via another friend's housewarming party to say hi..after a movie and blanket back home, we all crashed out on the sofas having had a lovely day!
i'm definitely warming to the idea of not having to plan every single little detail of my day...


  1. Ooh I love the squirrel tshirt! Why does my Tesco only sell horrible stuff? :(

    I think I'm getting less able to laze around as I get older. I just feel like I should be doing something all the time, even when all I want to do is have a 3 hour bath and then eat sweets.

  2. Ditto what Alex says about Tesco, our's is all plastic boots and chavvy velour tracksuits.
    I'm the most irritating person in the world,I'm constantly on the go, incapable of sitting still. xxx

  3. My Tesco has a pretty small clothing selection! Love that tshirt, sounds like you had a pretty fab weekend!