Tuesday, 30 November 2010

wake up..grab a brush and put a little make up..

 over the past week or  so i've been having even more trouble sleeping than usual, which has meant that by the time my stupid sleeping tablets have kicked in, i've been sleeping right through to almost 8am, meaning i have had to get up and leave the house, in the space of about 10 mins..

this, combined with the fact that my washing machine still has not been fixed, means i am having to use up all my clothes one by one - i realise this could take a while haha!

so the next dress on the just-ironed pile the other day was this bright blue floral number, which cost me a bargainour £4.99 at the newlife charity warehouse on my last visit..

the cardigan is a topshop one, picked up for next to nothing on ebay some time ago, and the shoes are a pair of irregular choice which don't get much wear..i'm not usually a fan of kitten heels, although i do own several pairs..

Monday, 29 November 2010

so shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and sleep..

i'm quite relaxed after a rather quiet weekend..
i hadn't really made any plans, because i had spent every evening last week out doing things (mainly guides-related, two meeting evenings, and a panto)..

so i set myself the weekend aside to work if i was asked to, and otherwise to catch up on my housework etc..i also decided to give this PJ pattern a go, as the lovely nikki sent it to me last week after our recent trip to the abakhan fabric warehouse in north wales..

i found this shark print tshirty material, and also some dinosaur print stuff, both of which i thought would be plenty for some pyjamas..i love pjs and figure you can never have enough..

i cut these out and this pattern took hardly any time at all..i was a little worried the Medium size wouldn't be big enough for me, and so left a smaller seam allowance than it suggested to make sure they'd be big enough, and in future i probably wouldn't need to..also in future i would probably turn them up a little more as this pair are kinda long..i don't mind that too much, but maybe a couple of inches more wouldn't have hurt..but i love the print, and as soon as they were finished i lounged around in them, making some brooches to go in with xmas presents, and watching the box set of mad men..

Friday, 26 November 2010

i'm not guna teach him how to dance with you...

 whoever said crafting is relaxing?!
on sunday, alex and i sat down and had an afternoon of crafting..she had a lovely, but intricate beaded bauble to tackle, whilst i had brought the last few sections of this dress to finish, with plans to move onto my next sewing project with very little bother..that was a little optimistic maybe!

i think the pair of us may have lost count of how many times we shouted at our respective one point i told my dress that if it didn't start to behave, it would go in the charity clothes bin at the supermarket, and that even then, nobody would want it..

but it is now finished, and i may take that back, as i think it turned out ok..there are a few little things i'm not completely happy with, but that may just be  my overly self-critical nature..

it's quite an odd design, with a lot of bias binding around all the edges to make it a reeeeally lazy pattern - no hemming, and no zips kind of puts together like an apron, and the front side buttons at the back, then the back sections wrap round to the front and button with poppers underneath the little pearly buttons i foudn in a charity shop in hereford last weekend..

i am kinda glad it is finally done - it has been cut out and ready to sew together, in my to-do pile for soo long; i decided to tell myself i had to finish it before i could start on some of the more exciting patterns and fabrics i have stacked up..therefore, i did battle with the bias binding, and it came together finally on sunday evening..and it fits, which is always nice considering i did the measurements about 6months ago and am convinced i've put on waay too many lbs since then!
my self-critical nature is thinking the front section looks a little baggy, but i could nip that in..

who knows, it may just feature in an actual outfit post soon..

Thursday, 25 November 2010

when sober girls around me they be actin' like they drunk...

ok, as i haven't turned out as organised as i had hoped this week, and have forgotten my camera lead, the new dress and outfit posts will have to wait until instead i have a bit of a discussion point, which i will try and refrain from making boring reading..

i know this might sound odd, but i get a lot of suprised reactions when people discover i don't drink all..this is something which people, quite frankly, seem shocked by, and i just wondered if there was anyone else in the same situation..and why it would be such a shocking concept..

i don't mean i don't go out with friends, to bars or clubs; i do (if infrequently)..i just choose not to drink..i've never really enjoyed drinking, even during uni where it is seen as the "done thing" to go out and get 'hammered', and in recent years i've been limited to not drinking at different times as a result of being on different ongoing medications, and with it never having been something i enjoyed that much anyway, it's not been somethign i had any issue cutting out..

i guess my point is the general public perception - sometimes i can end up feeling really awkward when i'm out with people i don't know very well, as if i say "no thanks" to an offer of a glass of wine, some people just don't like to take no for an answer - how many times i've heard "you can only have a coke if it has something else in it.."; i've lost count..and if it's an occasion when i'm with friends of friends, or people i don't know that well, that can it even more awkward to try and go into details of why i can't drink alcohol etc..

i just feel like i'm put under a lot of pressure sometimes, by some more than others, to justify why i don't drink..and i don't understand why that is the case, surely it's someones choice and that should be the end of it..does the fact that i don't drink mean i shouldnt' be off out to clubs dancing, or catching up with a friend in a bar? it doesn't stop me having fun, but people act as though it does / should..

sorry that this post has got a little ranty - i didn't intend it too, but with xmas outings coming up, it's something which plays on my mind recently, so i wanted to invite any other opinions or thoughts..

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

but you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins..

not entirely sure why i seem to be 'mooing' at the sky here

a quick stop for an outfit pose outside our sunday lunch venue on sunday..the restaurant was nice and cosy, and the food was fab and filling, so a good job we spotted the sign on the drive past and decided to investigate..

my outfit consisted of:

a white cotton robot print dress, handmade a few years ago for me as a birthday present, but i really haven't worn it anywhere near enough..i love th print, and the red ribbon edging which i decided would match my red leather boots rather nicely - i did feel a little bad, as my friend has a pair of these boots from the office sale a few years ago, and i have longed for a pair ever since, so when i found them on ebay earlier in the year i was excited, although not entirely sure what the correct etiquette is when it comes to something you know someone else already owns - are you allowed to like it, but not own the same? are you allowed to own one as well provided that you check prior to wearing them, in order that you avoid a dreaded outfit-snap? or are you supposed to, as with a pair of teens in hereford the other day, wear them at the same time to go shopping together..? i figured that i probably have enough shoes that i can avoid wearing them in that particular friend's presence, and proceeded to place a winning bid on them..
the red shrug was a tesco sale rail bargain at £3 - not all that practical for the chilly weather, but since i was throwing this vintage fur coat oevr the top, i wasn't too worried..

as for the rest of the day, we decided to have a dedicated crafting session, and i managed to use up a few scraps and buttons from the sewing box to come up with somthing similar to a brooch i saw on a market stall a little while back, which i was quite impressed with - it probably took me about 30-45 mins in total, so i think i'll be creating a few more in my spare moments in the run-up to xmas..

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

well you must be a girl with shoes like that...

ooh i love that new shoes feeling..who doesn't?!
my collection has grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, so i thought i would dedicate a whole post to some of the new recruits...

pair one - irregular choice flat boots with face detail..purchased from ebay last week; i already own this pair in a different colour (white and red) which have always proved nice and comfy for a day's wear shopping etc, so when i spotted this pair the other week, i decided they were a must for the present weather..
i'm thinking they will go rather nicely with a pair of tights or leggings and a dress with some pinky details..which shouldn't be hard to find in my wardrobe!

pair number two - turquoise poodle print heels, irregular choice..
again, i do have this pair in another colour, or two, already - black and pink versions are already in my shoe storage boxes..i have to admit, that for such a die-hard IC fanatic, i am definitely a much greater fan of the original, and more classic styles..whiilst there are always a few pairs from each of the seasons which i think are ok, i can't get enough of the pairs from years ago, with their classic shapes and quirky prints..there's always space in my collection for one of the classics!

pair number three - a slight step away from ICs for a second; this is a pair of topshop suede shoe-boots which i loved ever since seeing them on the website when they came out..i tracked them down and tried them on in-store on a shopping trip to liverpool, and just wasn't *quite* taken enough to justify the £100 price when i saw a pair, in the correct size, with no bids on them and two days to go, i had to stick them on the watching list on ebay, and was quite happy when i managed to bag them for a fairly bargainous amount..they have arrived, and are a fair bit more scuffed than it said in the description, but i think i'll keep them nonetheless as i think the lace details will look rather nice with a delicate dress just in time for the party season!! :)

 have you bought anything recently which you are really excited about??

Monday, 22 November 2010

hey man jaws was never my scene and i don't like star wars..

 this is one of my outfits from the past week, thrown on in order to look a little less like a wreck when cycling into town to run some errands..

i know the jumpsuit has been seen before - several times in fact - but i just really liked the way it seems to go with this cardigan which i'd kinda forgotten about until last weekend's 'great wardrobe-room tidy-up''s a h&m cardi from a couple of years back, on a trip to the bullring..

as it was fairly cold, i also added this faux fur headbamd from primark as i love how toasty warm it keeps my ears and the fact i cam tuck my ipod headphones in and keep them safe..also a river island silk scarf tightly tied so it wouldn't fly away whilst cycling..

Sunday, 21 November 2010

every time i touch that track it turns into gold..

yesterday i spent a lovely day in hereford with alex, armed with a giant list of charity shops which we aimed to find and visit..

throughout the day, we did manage to find a large proportion of them, and both came away with bagfuls of bargains..

one of my finds was this chunky marks and spencer leopard print jumper, found ina charity shop and sold by a rather grumpy volunteer who didn't seem very impressed when i asked if one of the scarves being used as a tablecloth was for sale, and was told in no uncertain terms it was not!
i do rather like the jumper, the print is cartoony-enough not to look tacky, which can be an issue with some animal prints..

we didn't limit ourselves strictly to charity shops, and couldn't pass by primark without at least a little look..i think i was very restrained; i came away with a few purchases having spent less than £ the left, this peachy coloured skirt with silver beading was on one of the reduced rails for £5 and makes me want to wear it \with some grey knit tights..i bought this grey tee with the skirt in mind also..and other than that, just stocked up on some underwear sets, which i didn't bother to photograph!

this little bag was brand new with it's original tags and packaging in another of the charity shops we ventured into, and is originally from Dune, so i was rather happy when it was only priced at £5.99..

i couldn't resist this little squirrel necklace in h&m for £2.99 - i'm really liking all the woodland creature details which seem to be popping up all over the place at present, in the form of jewellery and prints..speaking of which, i was excited to find a whole shelf of haberdashery bits in one of the hospice shops, and had a search through in order to find some buttons for a dress i have almost finished, and when i came across this little scrap of fabric, i couldn't resist the print; i'm not sure what i have in mind for it yet, but i'm sure inspiration will strike before too with the princess patch which i think may be added to a cardigan or pocket..

as for my outfit for the day- i picked this vintage laura ashley pink floral dress, which was an ebay find earlier in the year but i don't think has made it onto the blog yet, and added to it this pair of bluey tights, in order that this pair of irregular choice shoes would go with the whole outfit a little better - today was their first outing even though they have been part of the collection for several years - they came from an ebay seller who it turned out lived in my town, so i remember popping round to pick them up from their house...i love the funky shape to the heels on this pair, and i think the pompoms at least draw attention away from my weird claw toes..

 to finish off my outfit i wore a multi-coloured stripey cardi from primark, whcih had the same kinds of colours but isn't really visible in the pictures, due to the giant vintage coat which i managed to repair last night, as it's so heavy that hanging it up had made the lining come away from the fur - but all fixed now, and perfect for being snug on a wintery weekend!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much..

eep, first of all may i just apologise for the crazy weird look on my face in the pic to the right - not sure what i was trying to achieve there!

following such a rubbish start to the week, i have to admit it got a whole lot better on tuesday evening as i headed up to the LG arena in Birmingham for a Paramore gig, which was quite frankly brilliant..the support acts (which i quite often find let the overall concert down) were great, a band called FUN. which i have to say i hadn't heard of, and B.o.B, who were really good..

the only bad part of the evening was that the venue let itself down by being so badly organised when it came to managing traffic exiting - there were so many security people to check tickets, and supposedly get the traffic flowing well, but we sat in the car for 45 minutes in a queue for the exit of that car park before we even moved once..but overall it was totally worth it!!

my outfit for the evening was a green lacey dress from primark, with the chunky rose print cardigan over the top and some pumps, as we had quie a way to walk between the car park and the venue, mainly over grass..the paramore tshirt was obviously purchased at the gig (i think i have a tee from every gig i've been to so far!)

Friday, 19 November 2010

keep on running, there's no place like home..

welcome to a whinge about my hideous start to the week..
first of all my washing machine is broken, and has been leaking all over the floor, which isn't good, and is made worse by the fact it's an old model which i can't get a new part for anymore.. (lucky i have a lot of clothes!)

then, on monday evening i managed to drop a parcel between getting out of my car and getting into my flat..which would have been ok except that when i went back outside 10mins later to pick it up, it had been taken..which is rather frustrating, both for me and the person it was supposed to be off to..

then, on tues, i took a day off and waited in for someone to finally sort out my ongoing complaint with the most unhelpful electricity company ever, and when it got to the end of the 8-1 slot, they hadn't turned up..on my third phone call of the day to the complaints department, i was told the appt hadn't gone through their system properly, so hadn't been booked..even though i had been sent a letter to confirm the appointment..what a waste of a day's holiday! grrr. they now wish to reschedule the appointment, which means another day of wasted leave and still nowhere nearer to sorting out the problem..ugh!
oh well, my week has subsequently got a lot better with the arrival of various new pairs of shoes, and a pattern for some pj's which i am going to try out as soon as i can manage to fit some sewing-time in, and also a paramore concert (outfit to come)..

but for the outfit of the day, i saw this pair of shoe boots in the pile in my living room, and felt sorry for them that they hadn't been worn yet, so found a dress and outfit which went with them, and decided to give them a first outing..
they were a pair of irregular choice i'd never seen before when i spotted them on ebay, and the picture in the listing was really blurry and awful, so i managed to get them for less than a tenner inc. p+p which i was very pleased with..

they aren't my usual kind of style; the heel is somewhat shorter than my preferred height, and i generally do steer away from pointed toes, but i was so taken with the shade of teal, the gold detail and the little duck charm on the front, that for these i made an exception..

dress of the day is a h&m one, also an ebay find which i paid a total of £6 to the seller for 4 dresses, so another bargain in my eyes!! i love the colours, and the print, as well as the bow at the neckline and the funky buttons..i added a new look shrug, and some bracelets bought in the phase eight jan sale..

Thursday, 18 November 2010

we will never be never be anything but loud..

i had a rather nice, relaxed weekend, which made a lovely change..the only thing i actually had to do at any given point was remembrance day parade with my guides unit, and that went fine and all the girls were great in the parade, as well as having a rather good turn-out..i'm sure i was frowned upon as usual for being so relaxed with them, but that's a whole other debate..
so that was fine, and the rest of the weekend was spent doing various crafty things - i made a few cards, cut out pattern pieces and made the majority of a dress from a pattern..
to the right is my outfit for remembrance sunday, i wore a black dress with my horrid leader polo -shirt on top, and a cardi over that, as it was fairly freezing (although luckily no rain)..the purple hat was my accessorize splurge one, and i matched it to the h&m purple scarf, and a pair of poetic licence shoe boots from the irregular choice store in london.. and of course my poppy :)

one thing i have realised from this photo is why i hate buttoned-up cardigans so much; on me, they just seem to ruck up and look frumpy, so i will try to avoid in future..i don't even know what would have made me button it up in the first place - i NEVER button cardi's up!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

it's a bad day please don't take a picture..

a little plea for help today, please..
my camera is gradually dying and i could really do with some suggestions for a new one, as i am super-hopeless when it comes to technology! does anyone have any suggestions; my current one is a sony cybershot, which is on the whole ok, but i think i'd prefer something that had a slightly faster shutter speed than i can seeem to set mine to, as sometimes by the time it actually gets round to taking the photo, whatever it was i was trying to take has moved, or flown away, or got bored of waiting..

Saturday, 13 November 2010

you talk like a fish - in nonsensical bubbles..

well, i thought about doing a pre-christmas wish list, but then most of the things i was going to include are now sold out, so i will do something else..
this is the pair of shoes that i have practically lived in most of the week, for two reasons, - they've vaguely gone with most of the things i have worn this week, and two - i've been feeling both really uninspired, and really under the weather with a cold for most of the week, so not been giving a lot of thought to very much outside work!

 my thursday outfit is pictured to the right; a mustard / purple floral dress which i'd actually pretty much forgotten i owned, originally from dorothy perkins, although i have the feeling i may have bagged it from ebay at some point..i can't really remember..
i teamed it simply with the new look heels, and this brown coat, purchased from a vintage store we found in Ludlow a couple of yrs ago, which was closing down at the time and therefore had some utter bargains - I have very rarely worn it (if ever), and the weather this week, added to my fragile state, have totally called for furry coats to snuggle into!!

my friday outfit : same shoes, different coat..
the faux fur one was picked up in the tk maxx in the high street in manchester, again several yrs ago even though it is fairly over-sized on me..i do actually quite like the fact that it has a big snuggly hood as well, totally perfect for the cold weather!

the topshop top has been frustrating me; i don't usually wear jumper-type tops, as i always seem to get too warm during the day, so much prefer a cardigan to layer which i can then remove as / when necessary, but having decided to wear this skirt (mainly because i haven't factored any time in for my own ironing recently, and it doesn't require any!) the only thing i could find in the wardrobe shelves which would kind of go with it was this pink top..and then i wondered why i hadn't worn it for ages, but by lunchtime i had remembered, because it's really not that flattering!

the beads were a charity shop find, and i kinda threw them on in a hurry as i was leaving, but i like them as they are nice cheerful colours, and go rather well with the skirt, which i have had for years, and originally came from a "boutique" range which new look ran a few years back (for few, read six or seven!!)

i have got some new shoes (well, new to me) this week, so hopefully won't spend the next week just wearing the same pair!

Friday, 12 November 2010

who knows what goes on in her pretty little head..

The stunning Vix from Vintage Vixen recently posted this "I Love Your Blog" tag, and left it open to anyone who wants to play, so I thought I'd give them a go ;)

1. Why did you create the blog?
I have always liked to create outfits and experiment, and was advised to start photgraphing and recording various outfits, along with liking the idea of having a little outlet for anything i may wish to put down in words..

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I don't think I have a specific type which I follow exclusively, I guess the list of followed blogs are mainly  fashion ones, but there are also some crafty ones in there too..ANd they all tend to be 'regular fashion' iykwim, rather than high-fashion types who spend thousands on clothes and post professional-looking photos..

3. Favourite makeup brand?
Anyone who knows me will know that I'm kinda hopeless when it comes to make-up, my make up bag is only filling up recently due to the deluge of Boots vouchers which everyone at work seems to save for me :D
So I guess it's No7 from Boots, almost everything I use is from their range, and the nail polish is great..
4. Favourite clothing brand?Can I adapt this, as I'm not that fussy when it comes to clothes, but shoes wise, my total kfavourite brand is Irregular Choice (obviously)..I have bought two more pairs this week - need to stop being tempted by ebay bargains!

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Well, as I'm not exaclty a massive make-up fan, I guess the only thing I use with any frequency is boots no7 black eyeliner..I tend to wear it every day as I like to try and draw attention away from the fact that I generally get v little sleep and therefore have prominent bags under my eyes :(

6. Your favorite colour?
I think this changes fairly often for me, I don't really have a 'hard-and-fast' favourite colour..At the moment I'm really liking rich autumnal colours, like bottle green and rusty orange..

7. Your perfume?Dune, by Christian Dior

8. Your favourite film?
I'm not sure whether to go for the one which was my favourtie through growing up years, and say '10 things I hate about you', as that was one which I used to watch over and over again, or a more recent favourite in 'Goodfellas'..I do have a bit of thing for gangster films..(think that could just be my dad's fault!)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
I'd really like to visit Italy, as so many people tell me it's somewhere to see, as there are so many beautiful parts..That said, it's been so long since I have been on holiday that anywhere would be nice..

10. When are you at your happiest?
When I can relax that everything at work is done / dealt with, and can sit down at home / at a friend's house and chat over simple homemade dinner and some episodes of whatever I'm into at that point in time (currently CSI, or American Chopper!!) with some sewing..i tend to like to multi-task even when i'm relaxing..maybe I need to teach myself to unwind more often..

Please feel free to do this tag if you fancy it.. I'm hopeless at keeping track of who has and hasn't!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

i still believe it when you say, it's another perfect day..

as i'm still feeling a little under the weather, i couldn't be bothered with outfit photos, so i thought it would be rude not to share a few more of my bargains from last week..  
dogtooth coat, £9 charity shop

first of all, one of  the many hospice / charity shops i went into last week had this lovely black and white dogstooth coat, a longer version of one i have had my eye on in sainsburys, but couldn't bring myself to spent £45 on, so i was thrilled when i found this one for £9!!!

primark lace / tulle dress, £15

another thing which i was rather excited to see and beelined towards through the store was this fabulous lace and tulle net dress, from primark..i do enjoy the liverpool primark, for it's size and range - and actuallly for a friday afternoon it wasn't that busy..the wait for the till wasn't too long, and i managed to find myself some bargains..just need a party to wear this pretty dress to now! (also, i saw this peacocks dress which is practically the same yesterday, and thought what a bargain my one was, as i kinda like it more..)

tapestry bag £12, rose print bf cardi £17 - outfit

these other bits came from the outfit store at parc llandudno..the only disappointment with that shop is that they don't have a topshop section, whcih i had kinda expected when they closed the high street topshop down in the main town..maybe that's a future plan...? anyway, the bag and cardi were from the miss selfridge section of outfit, neither of which i had seen in any stores this season, although truth be told i haven't shopped in miss selfridge all that much recently..both in the sale, and the print of the cardi had me totally hooked..

i do still have some more purchase posts to do, but as i am trying to stretch out my spending this month, i will also try and stretch out the posts ..
i do have a giveaway planned also, so will get that up as soon as i have photographed the prizes..
also, my Q+A post is kinda sparse on the Q front, so any more Q's would be appreciated :)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

can't you see it's killing me, i'm my own worst enemy..

 some time ago, last time i did a wishlist post, i mentioned this laura ashley cardigan and how much i loved it, both the colour and the print appealed to me..unfortunately, the original price tag did not, so it went on the back burner, and that - coupled with my "no clothes in october" challenge, meant that by the time i gave it another thought, at the start of november, the ghastly website told me it was sold out..

happily, however, alex saved the day again and purchased it for me on her way home for 1/2 the original price, so when i went to visit at the weekend i was able to pick it up!! that was only four days ago, and already it's been worn twice (which is good going by me and probably shows that i'm rather pleased with it!)

first outfit: saturday - i did very little, but eventually decided to have a rather leisurely wander around the charity shops in llandudno in the afternoon, before the weather turned horrible in the evening and put a stop to our fireworks plans..

the dress is a newlife centre find, it's various layers of florals in a somehwat rara effect, which i like, and i figured the dark green of the cardigan would pick out some of those colours nicely, along with a pair of oxblood coloured wool-knit tights, which i picked up from peacocks the day before and are lovely and warm..
i then added some boots,  a fairly unexciting grey pair i picked up in primark due to the leakiness of the ones i had been wearing on friday..

i did do quite a bit of shopping over the weekend, with the main focus on of the pictures i took of some of the things i bought is below, in order that the detail of the purple primark top is shown, as the bow isn't that visible in the outfit photo below..

so in addition to the purple bow top, i bought lots of tights - red heart print ones from primark, grey rose print woolen ones from new look, and the red / obxblood woolen ones from peacocks, which are greta so i would consider in other colours also next time i'm passing..
the faux fur mittens are a new look find, and so so snug! one giant wooly scarf with a fox on it (h&m), various silky scarves from various charity / hospice shops (50p each) and a 50p necklace also from a charity shop..

as for today's outfit, i really wanted to wear the purple top, and as it's sleeveless, decided a cardi would go well over the top - i quite like the mix of purple and green..

and this is where it gets a bit odd..i tried a few skirts, but due to the nature of the length and shape of the top, nothing seemed quite right with i  remembered and hunted out this pair of grey trousers, bought several yrs ago in a moment of madness from primark..they're a kind of wool finish, so at least not that horrible polyester feel, but there is still something about them which is making me feel wildly uncomfortable in a pair of trousers..

i have added my purple high heels from new look, but there's still something i'm not sure far i've had 3 comments about how odd it is that i'm in trousers, so i guess it's not just me who thinks it weird!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

fireworks flying whenever we're together..

ok, so apologies in advance this is going to be a fairly image-heavy post, as i have lots to catch up on..having taken a couple of days off, i thought i'd given myself the perfect opportunity to give a little more
attention to the blog, but having cleverly left behind the lead for my camera, i wasn't in a position to upload any of the pictures as i went along, at all ;S
which means i have a lot to update with, fireworks, bargains and outfits from the weekend, plus the fact that i have half-finished a Q+A but can't think of enough interesting Q's..please help..!

my friday started off fairly grumpy, as i had made plans with a friend, which she postponed on thurs, and then cancelled totally on fri, so i was kinda frustrated and almost wishing i was at work !! however, alex saved the day by inviting me for tea, and giving me a reason to have a lazy day trip to liverpool, via all of the charity shops in the towns i passed on the way - more on my bargains next post, as otherwise this one will be actual miles long..

my outfit for the day was a mustard floral print dress from river island, which i have liked for quite a while, until about the point where i put it on, and now i'm kinda hating the drop-waist and the frumpy sleeves..oh well.. i thought the bright blue primark scarf and the grey leopard print tights would pick out the colours in the florals, though, and teamed the lot with my ancient (and holey-soled) irregular choice cowgirl boots..(luckily i have a back-up pair of these, which i think it is about time to crack out, as when it rained in liverpool, my feet got pretty soaked!)

after an afternoon of the shops in liverpool one, i headed to alex's for tea after a little mission to find sparklers, and we made our way to the nearby firework display, where we had much fun watching the fireworks reflected in the lake, playing with sparklers, and expressing a little frustration / amusement - mainly at our lack of photography skills, and also a little at the small kid behind us who felt it necessary to yell "O-M-G" everytime a firework went off! BTW, that's not a word..

i did rather enjoy playing with sparklers, there is something very autumnal about the whole bonfire night / fireworks / sparklers thing, and something that little bit awesome about setting things alight..childish? maybe, but fun nonetheless..

 i hope everyone else managed to have a lovely bonfire night..