Saturday, 31 December 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas..




this was my outfit for christmas day with the family..the dress came from a charity shop (and cost £5.99) several years ago, but i had never worn it, so i dragged it out on saturday evening and realised i would have to alter it a little to make it fit - i was still told all day that my dress was too big, in between the comments about how much weight i had lost and therefore how i must not be eating properly (my family are so annoying)

anyway, i think it's a vintage monsoon one, and i figured that the colours were fairly festive - when i started to get a bit cold i had to borrow a navy cardigan from my mum..all in all the day was much better than i had anticipate; certain people have a tendency to drink too much and become fairly vile, but that wasn't too prevelent on sunday, whcih i was thankful for, and other than the constant comments and attempts to get me to eat things, i had a nice day.. i was very lucky and received some lovely presents, which i will no doubt share here..

Friday, 30 December 2011

last christmas i wrapped it up and sent it..

DSC07174i have to admit that in the run -up to christmas i have been quite busy - especially in the last week what with pantomimes, carol services and shows to arrange trips to, as well as my more regular things like sewing lessons..

and yet the one thing which i never seemed to be able to tackle from the long list of 'to do' was actually getting around to the wrapping of the last of my presents..i had sent a lot of them, so all of those were wrapped a while ago, but the ones i would be taking with me on cmas eve just seemed to sit around in a pile, waiting to be wrapped..does anyone else find that they seem to put certain things off, or just not get round to something as they are filling their time with soemthing else? i just felt like i wasn't getting anything done on cmas eve, although i was expected at the parents' house so knew i would eventually have to do it..

i'm thinking that i need  a 'be more organised' type of new year resolution though, or at least a way to avoid leaving things to the last minute, whcih i seem to do all too frequently..any suggestions?

Thursday, 29 December 2011

london's calling..


nothing wrong with a bit of pattern clashing, right?!

coat: white stuff // dress: dorothy perkins // cardi: h&m // tights: primark // headband: gift

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

i can't afford a bigger world but baby i'm reliable..


i hope we are all ready for some more (of the same) shorts - i seem to be well and truly wearing these to their most full potential, but i do really like them ! i thought i'd give this pair of primark tights a try, and i received a lot of compliments on them, i think the colour goes rather well to pick out the colour in the shorts, so that's all good..

bird print shirt: new look // shorts: clothing at tesco // tights, shoes and cardigan: primark

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

tuesday titles 004..

i know i am going to start sounding like a broken record, but i picked this book up in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, and have read it in a day - i'm rather loving using my time off to do some proper, uninterrupted reading..

Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult..

tuetitles004this is one of picoult's earlier titles, and tells the tale of Paige, a gifted artist, who leaves home one night at sixteen after committing a terrible sin..
she finds herself a new life, and meets Nicholas - an ambitious student doctor, from a wealthy family background, working every hour sent in his attempt to make it as a cardiac surgeon..their marriage comes with some problems, as Nicholas'
 parents disapprove of his choice so much that they cut off all his financial support, and Nicholas struggles to come to terms with their financial situation, and puts himself under pressure to afford the big house he is expected to live in as a cardiac surgeon..Paige struggles to fit in with the other surgeons' wives at functions and dinner parties, and then when she has the baby, finds herself struggling with the first few months of motherhood, so much so that she begins to consider ways to get herself out of the situation..

i like that the premise of this book is so relatable - it's a fairly common fact that 80% of new mothers suffer from some level of post-natal depression, and the cracks which seem to appear in Paige and Nicholas' marriage, as a result of the new baby, seem to fit in well with most people's experiences of a first child, no matter how prepared or well-adjusted they may think they are..although Paige's thoughts about her baby and some of her actions may seem shocking and extreme, i did read it wondering just how far removed from the 'real picture' this actually was..

Monday, 26 December 2011

if yuo're lost when you close your eyes i'll meet you there..

owl mittens : dorothy perkins
necklace: charity shop // dress: local boutique
horse jumper: tesco clothing // beret: primark
coat: next (gift) // bag: river island
tights and socks: primark // boots: office
the recent chilly weather calls for lots of layers, right..? i almost had kittens in my excitement when i spotted this pair of owl mittens in dotty p's when i was in town with alex recently..i also bought a matching hat, and they didn't even cost me 'real money' as i had a purseful of vouchers to spend..

i wore this outfit to go out for coffee with the parents / little sis in the run-up to christmas; i just kept on adding layers until i was happy with it..i really love this dress, and layering socks over tights seems to be my new favourite !

as this goes live i will no doubt be trying to swim off the stupid amounts of food my family have tried to force-feed me over the past couple of days..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

i'm dreaming of a white christmas..


a quick outfit post from the other day..
dress: laura ashley
cardi: peacocks (ebay)
shoes: office
guides uniform added later for an event i had to attend..

happy christmas eve..

Friday, 23 December 2011

friday favourites 008..

i guess with the big day so close, it seems only right to do another friday favourites post, this time with the things i would love to unwrap when christmas arrives..

1: topshop giggles court shoes, £58

2: oasis pink dolly coat, £45
 1: i love these topshop shoes, but i don't think there is much chance of me finding them wrapped up for me, as they don't seem to have them in my size anywhere..i checked the store in the hope i could spend my recent vouchers on them, but no luck and they couldn't order them in for me..booo..but i'm keeping my hopes up for the january sales.. 

2: if you're not a girly girl, you may not appreciate this next choice - the barbie pink shade was what first caused me to beeline towards this lovely oasis coat and i know i have quite a lot of coats, but i don't have a pink one..yet...!

what's on your wishlist for christmas..?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

presents under the tree..

tights: primark
cardigan: tu clothing

dress: ebay

heels: charity shop

 well i decided to try and be a little festive and crack open this pair of mustard tights which i picked up recently in primark..and how excited was i to find that they are 'microfibre' ones, so they're lined with fleece inside - my legs have never been so toasty, and what a bargain at £3.50..they may be a little brighter than i had originally realised, but it's almost christmas so i guess that's ok.. has anyone else stumbled upon these?!

i'm still blatantly nowhere near prepared for the big day, i feel pretty bad as i  had meant to visit my best friends last weekend but didn't make it there due to being in so much pain with my stomach, so i haven't managed to get their presents to them before xmas (i'm really sorry if you read this, girls)..

i haven't really wrapped anything yet (other than the ones i have already sent / given, obv)..i need to get that done on saturday before heading over to the family in the evening..i also need to make my sister up some new pjs for the big night - she only requested them on tuesday!!

off to a sewing lesson this evening, which i am looking forward to, except i have to go on a 'button mission' at lunchtime, as i couldn't find five which matched in size / colour at home..

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

i turn my head, learned only to see some memory, but all i see is red..

DSC07155 DSC07153 DSC07157 DSC07154 despite last night's carol service (which went much better than i'd anticipated!), and the fact that i'm off to see the panto this evening, i'm still not really feeling the christmas cheer that seems to have taken over the rest of the world..i'm hoping that this reindeer cardigan holds the key, and therefore will be wearing it out this week ! :) worn with vivien of holloway dress, and primark heels.

Monday, 19 December 2011

all of the other reindeer..

coat: next (gift) // gloves: primark
bag - barely seen: river island
dress: primark // cardigan: forever 21
leggings: h&m // socks: primark // boots: river island (via ebay)

meet my favourite coat..a gift from someone i used to know, several years ago, but i still love the colour, the shape of it, and after finally getting it dry-cleaned last week (although not very well, as i noticed when i took it out of the plastic sleeve that the mud is still quite visible, but don't suppose i can do anything about it now as i didn't point it out at the time of picking up) it's made it back into my rotation of coats..

i had a horrible evening of pain on friday, and was quite glad when i woke up on saturday and actually felt up to getting up and getting dressed..i decided to mix a few of my recent purchases, starting with the f21 reindeer cardigan..i'd also decided i rather fancied trying out the new leggings i picked up from h&m on my wanderings into town with alex last week, and figured they'd go quite well with my mustard socks from primark when i was in bham..socks over tights / leggings is something which takes me back in my mind to being in school..especially frilly-edged socks!

i really like this pair of river island boots, but i am doing them some damage already (they were second hand from ebay) and also have almost completely worn out one of my most-worn pairs of pixie boots, so i am on the lookout for a pair of lace up boots like these, but in leopard print..i know i saw them somewhere a few months ago but can't seem to see what i have in mind on any of the sites i've looked on today..will keep looking..

i feel like it's a bit of a mish-mash, but i kinda like it..thoughts?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

boots of spanish leather..

DSC07097 DSC07095 DSC07098 told you i loved them - i have worn them several times since purchasing!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

you're a throwback to forever..

DSC07108DSC07107 and the shorts obsession not only continues, but combines itself with something else i did not ever think i would fall victim to in the world of trends..leather..when leather shorts first hit the shopes i thought i could safely predict that i would be steering well clear - how wrong i primark a couple of weeks back i was kind of drawn to the sale rail..bottle green, leather..hmmm..i got my mother's approval and everything..and after wearing them a couple of times, i think i'm sold.. does that ever happen to anyone else - step out of your comfort zone and into something you actually like!?

Friday, 16 December 2011

if i were a boy..


i think that if i were a boy, i would be one of those annoying ones who wears shorts every day - even days like today where the news and weather forecasts seem to be warning of snow everywhere! the ones you tend to drive past and think "why are you wearing shorts, it's 2 degrees!!" and yet, i seem to be obsessed with them recently..

also in quite a good mood as my weekly weigh in went well, which was just what i needed after a complete and utter lack of 'swimthusiasm' and literally having to force myself through my 100 lengths, the couple of pounds lost really made me glad i'd made the effort..i can't remember the last time i was less than 10st, so i'm quite glad..

these shorts, and the top for that matter, are from the fabulous tesco clothing range - i've lost count of the number of times i've gone to do my food shopping, and come home with a new jumper instead..i've gone for a 'dress down friday' look as i think i have to put the xmas tree up later on - bah humbug!

if (unlike me) you are feeling in a festive mood, but need your party outfit sorting out, i've added a few dresses to my blog sale page in case you'd like to take a look..

Thursday, 15 December 2011

look at the stars, look how they shine for you..

skirt: dorothy perkins // shoes : charity shop

top : new look // cardigan : tu clothing

bit of a woeful look as i remind myself just how much more xmas wrapping i still have to do!


finally the hunt for a plain black pencil skirt is over! i've been looking for one for quite a while, but seemed to be between sizes with the ones i tried in we were trying a few other things on, i decided i may as well give this one a go in dorothy perkins, and was glad i did..i spent some of the vouchers i cashed in from various survey sites, and combined with the in-store 'buy one item get the second half-prince' promotion that was running, i thought it was a good bargain..

i have been saving this top for a plain black skirt for a while, waiting to find one i liked, so thought it only fair that i wore them today, along with some black glitter heels which i picked up in a charity shop in a panic a few days before my graduation as i didn't own anything black and 'plain' to meet with the requirements of the service - they've done me well!

speaking of charity shop bargains, alex and i couldn't resist a little tour around the ones in town yesterday, and this is what i came home with - various books to read (£6.24 in total) (and no doubt feature in a future 'tuesday titles' post), a TURTLE print scarf (£6) (rather excited about that!) and a cute and colourful necklace (£2.99)..most excited about this duvet cover set, which i initially thought would make something lovely if hacked up and sewn back together, but given the size of it, i may even use it on my bed ! (£3) it's been quite a while since i had looked in the charity shops in town - i don't seem to have had the time to wander into town for a meander recently, so it was rather nice to take everything in at a nice, slow pace after we had crossed everything off the list..

have you had any good bargains recently?