Tuesday, 31 May 2011

this is your last second chance..





hopefully everyone has enjoyed a relaxing and restful bank holiday weekend, regardless of the weather, which today (typically) started looking up again after a couple of days of heavy rain..
i will start the shorter-than-usual week with an outfit post from today, although i do have a list forming of all the things i haven't had time to prepare posts on as yet (a giveaway is one of them).
i have also sorted out some more items for the blog sale page, which are going up today, so do take a look if you fancy ;)

today's dress and shoes were both lovely birthday gifts, and i love them..i have to admit i had
seen the dress in primark a little while ago, but just one of them (the very helpfful girl found out that it was only there because somone had returned it to them from a larger store - and who says primark staff are not helpful!!) and the one i had seen was a size 10, which i really had to shoe-horn myself into, so left it on the rejects rail oitside the fitting room with a heavy how happy i was that a lovely friend managed to track me down one in the correct size, and some fabulous heels from next to match!! :)

my outfit is making me smile today, which is good as work is getting particularly stressful, already!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

sugar and spice and all things nice..


so as is tradition, when it's your birthday at work, you have to bring cakes in for eveyrone else..i think a lot of places have this, and most people tend to go to the supermarket at lunch and pick up some donuts..

i figured i would try and do something a little different, and got looking through some of my recipe excited was i when i found a recipe for carrot cake which didn't contain nuts? answer: very. i gave it a try; grated carrots vigorously so the kitchen was covered in little specks of carrot - if anyone knows of a neat way to grate carrot, do point that out to me! - and put it in the ovem with high i was fairly disappointed when it came out and the edges were burnt and the middle was all eggy and went out of the window for the birds to eat, and i was a little disheartened, so made boring fairy cakes and a chocolate sponge instead..but i did put dinosaur sprinkles on them...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

i don't feel like dancing..





i'm kinda hoping that by the time this post goes live, i have managed to shift the grumpy feeling i've had all of friday..i woke up feeling nauseous and overtired after a horrid night's sleep, and work has been crazy all week, so had lots to fo before i could think about relaxing for the birthday weekend..

do you ever have one of those days when nothing you try on looks right..i must have tried about ten differnt outfits, and felt ridiculous in all of them. i just don't feel comfortable in myself, my size and shape is getting me down of late, and i think that was the reason..i didn't even end up wearing that dress in the end, but by the time i had changed a couple more times i had run out of photgraphing time..

i did keep the shoes, these are called Kitty Princess by irregular choice, and i love the various shades of blues in them, plus the height!

and i love this hat..i've been ever so attracted to hats lately, and my collection, which once used to house just berets in all different colours, has grown a lot, but i need to find the confidence to wear them more regularly! i wish i could look as good in a hat as jazmine!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

let's make this happen girl, you're gonna show the world that something good can work..





the last day or so has just been RIDICULOUS! work is crazy, it's really stressing me out, i managed to lose my diary, which meant i was like "errrr, i dunno" everytime i was asked if i was free on certain days..i'm truly lost without it and will be wearing it on a chain around my wrist from now on..i jest, but i should probably be more organised..
i actually did nothing last night, literally got home from work and did nothing..i thought about writing my penpal letters and then considered making birthday cakes in preparation for having to take them to work tomorrow, and then just did not do it..i didn't do any tidying, or washing, or sewing, or anythying..i was in a grumpy mood as i was supposed ot have a friend for tea and she cancelled last minute - as usual..

my cba mood extended into this morning as well..i didn't bother with making lunch, and i couldn't be bothered to find a coat in the wardrobe, despite the rain, but i have managed to steadily chip away at my to-do list all day, and i am now feeling much more inspired to be productive this evening..

so i shall be baking, tidying, wii-fitting, washing, ironing and sewing..i haven't sewed anything fun this week, i got my first commission through my blog plea last week and that was finsihed and posted out so i'm pleased about that - i haven't had time to sort out etsy yet.i feel like i have no time for anything, but that's hardly suprising when i spent a whole evening falling asleep in front of csi - fail! :(

today's outfit - i dug out this skirt having been inspired by the lovely Gem who recently looked amazing here in her polka dot skirt - i've always been a bit wary of maxi skirts, i feel as though i really don't need anything which is going to make my bum and thigh area look bigger, or me look shorter..but i'm rather liking pleats recently, and thought i would give this a try..
gievn the sucky weather i added the cream tesco horse print jumper, hoping that i wouldn't overheat in it, and thankfully i have been fine..i tend to shy away from anything other than cardigans in the knitwear category, as i get too warm so often..

the necklace was a gift from my sister, brought back from her recent trip to china, and i love it ;)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

these things i've heard about you in your stars..




This dress was one of my favourites for a long while, and i certaily got it's wear from it when i first bought it, abouyt 5 yrs ago now. i rarely buy anything full price from warehouse, but was completely taken in by the shape, print etc and quickly shelled out my £45 for it! as i haven't worn it in a while, i dug it out of the wardrobe this mornign whilst still thinking about cost per wear on certain items and what pieces in my wardrobes had been impulse buys and not worth what i paid for them..i need to make an effort to wear the ones which were, or get rid of them, and put the funds towards the holiday my sister has suggested i should accompany her on - ugh!

the shoes are obviously irregular choice..i couldn't decide what shoes would go with this dress, but went for these in the end as i didn't want to ruin these tights, and i find some of my irregualr choice heels with the teal-coloured insides stain tights with a colour transfer whcih i haven't managed to get out of them..

as for my week so far..i can't seem to stop feeling completely exhausted! this weekend i actually had to have a nap, which is not something i ever do. the only thing my recent blood tests did show was that i'm anaemic, again, so i'm puttin recent exhaustion down to that, and uppping the amounts of spinach i eat (which is actually a lot anyway!) but still..i do want to get some meal planning done though..

i'm also stressing about what my plans are for my birthday at the weekend, i thought i had it all sorted, but it sounds as though some of my friends have other plans now and so i'm having to try ans move things around to accommodate everyone, when really i am not really that fussed about doing anything anyway. but i will try to sort something out, i'd rather not do lots of different thigns with different groups of people, as i was trying to keep it a fairly low-budget event..oh well, i'm sure it will work out..

other than that i am turning my thoughts to guides-related planning. i am starting to worry that i won't get my queens guide award done, as i need to think of an 'exploration' trip and find enough willing people to come with me..and i am not getting very far with the planning of the trip to london - argh. and everyone keeps asking about it each week..(but none of them seem to offer to help with any of the organising)..i've lost one of the leaders who had been helping as well, so weekly meeting are requiring a lot more planning to be able to have everything sorted for all of the girls as i can't be everywhere at once and seem to have different groups doing different things..ugh! not that i don't enjoy it - i really do, just sometimes wish that people saw how much has to go on behind the scenes for their weekly 90mins of child-freedom! plus all of the not-particularly-related stresses that go with that!

anyway.  enough ranting..i hope everyone else is having a nice start to the week..

Monday, 23 May 2011

simple as do re mi..

i haven't had a lot of time today, i forgot to take any outfit pictures as my pmind was elsewhere before i left the house this morning, and i also forgot to do any weekend i have decided to finally fill in this a-z i've seen on various blogs recently..
Age: 23 - will be 24 on sunday, though - argh!
Bed Size: Double, with jewels in the metal frame and 4 posts with curtains (i really wanted it when i was 14 and kinda sitll love the fact it's a princess bed!)
Chore you Hate: Cleaning the kitchen, i have the most annoying kitchen worktops ever, they look dusty all the time!
Dogs: I am really not a dog person.
Essential start of your day: Black coffee, no sugar.
Favourite Colour: Really depends what mood i'm in. Recently I've been really liking yellows and oranges!
Gold or Silver: i used to only wear silver jewellery, but am not so fussy now, i'm a costume jewellery girl, and will wear pretty much any colour..
Height: 5ft 6
Instruments I play: none - i couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
Job Title: Office Manager
Kids: None
Live: Shropshire
Mum's name: Liz
Nickname: everyone calls me char. i don't have any exciting nicknames, not even an embarrassing guides one!
Pet Peeve: people who get in front of you on the pavement and then slow right down. i will walk into you if you don't move!
Quote from a movie: "you shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize" - Resevoir Dogs
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 2 sisters, both younger
Time you wake up: alarm set for 6, usually awake by about 5am
Underwear: boring lace knickers, any colour
Vegetables you dislike: cucumbers make me sick
What makes you run late: trying to do too much and not knowing where to start..
X-rays you've had done: only teeth, although more to come soon :(
Yummy food you make: chocolate orange cupcakes have been quite popular recently..
Zoo animal: i'm a bit obsessed with tortoises!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

i hope that the last page of your 800 page novel is missing..

i haven't done a book post in ages, and i have recently read a lot of books which i have really enjoyed..i've been continuing on my attempt to branch out a little from my regular genres and authors, and i think i have done so with some success..


i have recently read a couple of books by lesley lokko, who i hadn't read before, and i have to say i was impressed..i read Rich Girl, Poor Girl a couple of months ago, and then managed to devour One Secret Summer in the course of an afternoon on the beach in Barmouth during the easter week..i think that the tone of  Lokko's books seems to be a little more sophisticated and involved than the usual chick-lit genre, and hwilst both books seem to feature multiple plots, and various overlaps between key characters, i was pleased when i read my second of her books and found that although some vague similarities exist (there seems to be a reflection of the writers' african / london roots in her books) they did not seem to follow the same "recipe" as so many writers seem to of late..i have read a few books recently where i have really enjoyed the first one, and then wondered if the next one i've read of theirs was actually the same book with the names changed a little, so i was pleased when this did not prove to be the case..definitely an author to look out for if you haven't tried her..the only minor criticism i would have of both books is that they seemed a little too rushed towards the end, but perhaps that was because i was into the storylines, and the characters and wanted to know what happened further than the story..?

51kiiTN1h-L__SL500_AA300_as i ended up finishing the second one a little sooner than anticipated, and made my day trip a two-day-trip at the spur of the moment, we raided the second hand book stall in barmouth for some second-day beach readingwe ended up with 2 books for £1 and my choice was the tenth circle by jodi picoult.. not strictly a new writer for me, i have read quite a number of her books and enjoy them as, again, i'd say she's one of the authors right on the outer edge of female fiction, well away from the usual slush, and erring on the side of controversy in all of her books..i know her popularity has rocketed since the film My Sister's Keeper came out [it suddenly became a lot more tricky to find any of her books in their space on the library shelves!] and i think that's a good thing..The Tenth Circle was great, centred around the poem Dante's Inferno, [which i have to admit i have only heard of, but now am sort of inspired to read] and the various suggested levels of Hell, in parallel to the life of the main character..i found this one a lot easier to read than some of the other Picoult books i've read, although the daughter in the book who the story centres around really annoyed me as a character..


another book i have really enjoyed recently, and a huge jump from the usual type of book i'd go for - the noah's ark quest by boyd morrison, a fast-paced thriller based around the noah's ark story..i'm not at all religious, but who doesn't know the story of noah's ark, and i like the way the author has a completely unique twist on the thoery behind it..i don't want to give too much away about the plot; the daughter of an archaeologist who has gone missing whilst trying to find noah's ark is given a few cryptic clues by an associate of her father, and sets off on the trail, attempting to figure them out..i found it easy to fall into due to the fast pace and excitement..

i have to say that i've really enjoyed all of the above titles, and would choose any of those authors again in the future..i'm happy that branching out a little with my choices in the library seems to be working rather well..

p.s if you like the sound of  'the tenth circle' i think it will be featuring in my next giveaway, as i realise i have been waffling on for 300 posts now, and i would like to do something to celebrate that :)

also if anyone has any recommendations for me, i would really appreciate them - my family seem to have decided on getting me a kindle for my birthday next week, and i will therefore be on the lookout for any good reads or writers i haven't tried..

source of pictures is, which the links to the book titles take you to also. i have also linked to the writers' sites on their names..

Saturday, 21 May 2011

gravity's weaker when you're near, my dear..






i'm so lookiong forward to a relatively relaxing [boring? maybe.] saturday. having spent the majority of the last 10 days at my parents' house to house-sit, and then had an evening meeting the day i came home, and then friends for tea last night, i feel i haven't really been 'home' for ages..
is it sad that i'm actually relishing the prospect of housework, washing, ironing [my favourite chore!] and getting on with my first sewing commission through the blog - yay! i promise that the next thing on my list when things are a little less crazy at work is to set up either an etsy / folksy shop - i have to do some research on the difference etc..

anyway, onto my outfit - the dress is a h&m one from years back, via ebay i think. i love the print and the cut around the sleeves, which you can't really see in these pics..and it fits a lot better round the waist this time, last time i wore it i remember it being more snug, so i guesss that's a goood sign, even if the wii fit isn't showing as much weight loss as i'd like..i am at a bit of a standstill with keeping fit at the moment, i haven't been to the actual gym in a while, or runninng as my stomach pains seem to be worse when i try, but i did manage to get on the wii fit a few times last week and also did go swimming, which i guess must have done something..i would really like to get started on the 30 day shred which i keep hearing a lot about from other bloggers; can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it !

the cardi is just my ancient, go-to, topshop one which should be falling apart by now, i think i bought it as part of a mystery shopping assignment to my local topshop [otherwise there would be no way i would have paid £30 for a black cardigan] and i wore it all the time i worked in the bar in town, and with any outfit when i'm not feeling knitwear-inspired! cost per wear must be into the minus figures by now..

and thes shoes, they were from schuh in my trip to the sales at the bullring on new yr's eve just gone..i hoped that the colours in the lovely floral print would match the rusty colour of the hearts on the dress..

i'm hoping that everything is going to be a little less stressful next week, and that i will stop being so grumpy - i feel awful as i've been in a bad mood all the week and have been probably taking it out on people when i shouldn't..

Friday, 20 May 2011

we call our own shots..



this is one of the most bargain pieces in my wardrobe in theory - the gingham bow top from tesco clothing was down to £1 in their sale a couple of months back and i picked it up without really giving a lot of thought to what i would wear it with / if i would even wear it..which following this post i read on a thrifty mrs' blog the other day, got me thinking about bargains, and whether something is a 'bargain' just beacuse it's cheaper than a new toothbrush...?

why did i pick it up - probably because i truly am hopeless when it comes to grocery shopping..even if i do go in armed with a list, i get waylaid, distracted by all of the pretty clothes in the clothes section, or the stuff in the camping aisle, or anything else..i really ought to meal plan, but i'm not organised enough to sit down and decide, so my list is never really complete, also because it was my size, on the sale rail and the £1 price tag, how could i leave that cute bow detail behind behind?!

then again, was my wardrobe really lacking a top like this?! did i really need something that reminds me a little bit of school dresses and which doesn't really flatter me that much  [check out the beer belly it gives me - i don't even drink beer!]?!

i guess that my recent changes at work have affected my thinking in terms of  spending and impulse i really need soemthing just becasue it's in the sale, or really pretty, or just left in my size so it must be fate...? probably not, and next time i do go shopping, i think the way in which i think about things before i impluse-buy them *may* have changed..maybe just a little, but since i am the queen of not-returning things, i think i will give myself a time-limit of a wk to wear something new, otherwise it goes back [and NOT into the wardrobe, tags still attached, never to be seen again]..

ok, so realistically, if i hadn't spent that £1 on the top, i probably would have spent it on something else in the supermarche, like fancy elderflower cordial, or some jaffa cakes, but i suppose the point should be the thoughtless purchase, rather than the actual amount, as looking through my wardrobe there are some equally ill-advised impulse purchases, which have been much more costly mistakes..

i suppose if this impromptu frugal lifestyle is teaching me to consider these things, it's a good start,'s also made me try to work into my outfits some of the things i haven't yet worn since purchasing - how else am i supposed to be able to figure out if i like them or not..hence the top..

as for the rest of the outfit, the skirt is an old favourite - a sale find from the warehouse sale rail a long time ago, and it has had plenty of have these shoes, beautiful cat print irregular choice heels with bows on the back, which i love and own in all the available styles / colours as they are so easy to wear! [so that probably makes them a bargain, right?!]


Thursday, 19 May 2011

tears of a clown..





i really love this top, so at least my outfit can be kind of cheerful even if i'm not feeling it..i was inspired to dig out this top i had forgotten about after a lovely fellow pashley-owner remembered hers and posted a pic on it just me who forgets about items of clothing they own?! this is a h&m jumper i spent a long while tracking down on ebay in my size after seeing someone wearing it in the street in bham yueaars ago and completely loving it..the skirt is a primark one from last summer, and is probably too big for me, based on the fact i have had to safety pin it together to make it smaller..
and the shoes, ancient irregular choice pink sequin shoes with the perspex effect heel - love these, and oh so comfy! :)

so i'm hoping the outfit makes up in cheerfulness for my lack of..had another early morning dr appt following the blood tests last week, and they weren't able to come up with any conclusion as to the cause of my stomach pains, so have fobbed me off with a prescription for some tablets to take 3x a day indefinitely, and said it's probably IBS so watch what i eat..not helpful, and not particulary happy about it, i take enough tablets as it is!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

you'll always be my thunder..




another OOTD catchup, and a photo of my pretty floral IC heels against the bright pink carpet of my old teenage room at my parents' house..i'm sure they were thrilled when i chose that colour!! i chose to do some floral print clashing on friday, with this dainty little dress from warehouse, which i find is a little thin sometimes, but was inspired to wear again as i saw an almost identical one in the clothes section of tesco the other day and it made me realise that i hadn't worn it for a while!

this chunky cardigan was a purchase from the new look sale when i was in chester at the start of the month, and i have had more than it's £10 worth of wear from it already - i think the rich conker colour picks out the brown in the florsl print of the dress here..

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

try to pull things round, when the air starts to thin..




ok so i am feeling seriously self-conscious today..i'm just about getting used to these chinos, i love the colour, but there is still something weird about trousers to me..i don't think i will ever be a regular jeans-wearer again..
and for some odd reason this morning i thought it would be a wise idea to wear this blouse..i love it for the print, and the tie-nexk, but it's actually see-through and i'm freaking out hangs nicely (at least it isn't clingy) but i went to tesco on my way to the office this morning, and all the way around was full of paranoid thoughts that everyone else there was thinking 'omg look at that fat girl in the see-through shirt'..i think i lost my confidence somewhere between the house and the office..luckily most of the office is on a day off today, or out at meetings, due to the new half-time working arrangements, so there aren't that many people to comment..[today's outfit is completely primark]

Monday, 16 May 2011

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes..

oh it feels like ages since i last wrote a post - i've been house-sitting for my parents for the last wk and my phone doesnt' work there at all, so i am very behind on blog-reading, twitter etc, but in a way it has been quite refreshing.. i packed a few pairs of shoes whilst away and a bit of a capsule wardrobe - i only brought three pairs of heels -


and have been making outfits work around them..i chose these as they are all pairs i love but which i haven't worn enough, so i thought i'd get some more wear from them! as i have a few outfits to post from the last few days i will add both of the ones i paired with my yellow rocko heels -



the first outfit was inspired by a dress i forgot i had until i saw it on rai's blog last week and remembered it, i dug it out and was pleased that i still like it lots - also the cardigan i mentioned from my 'one year on' post, which i had truthfully packed before mentioning it in the post - i have teamed this with a few of the outfits, as although it's patterned i think the pale grey colour of it means it lends itself to pattern-clashing a lot more readily than most of my patterned knits..


i was a little cautious about pairing this pale lemon dress with the bright shoes but i think they work pretty well together..

and then today's outfit - i do rather love this knitted vest from h&m although sometimes it makes me a little wary as i'm not all that sure about it's bulk-enhancing ability, it's not very forgiving to all of the food i've been eating this week (a lot more than usual, esp when dragged out for sunday lunch by the grandparents to check we were eating properly!)


another of the get cutie skirts which i haven't worn for ages - i love the sci-fi print of this one, and the 'bow' skirt cut is much better shaped in my opinion than their a-line skirt shape!


hope everyone else has enojoyed a lovely weekend, mine has been fairly uneventful - long dog walks, baking, trying to figure out little sis' maths homework, swimming and beating my personal best time for 100 lengths :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

these are a few of my favourite things..

i have left my camera at home and therefore not be able to post an outfit today - but i will make up for that tomorrow.

in the meantime, something of a plea for help..i've been giving some consideration for a little while to how i would go about setting up a commissions page for my dressmaking - i have received several lovely comments and emails, and given the fact that i am going to need all the help i can get in order to afford my rent next month, given the sudden wage reduction, i think it's time i came up with something, and i'm fast running out of other ideas!
here are pictures of some of the items i have made in the past, as a reminder, and until i can get an etsy shop set up and running, if anyone is interested in anything along these lines, please drop me an email at : dinoprincesschar@gmail[dot]com with the kind of thing you're thinking..also if anyone has any etsy-shop tips, or similar, any advice would be greatly appreciated either email or twitter @dinoprincesschr



also whilst we are on the subject of shameless plugging, my blog sale page is still up and running here..