Sunday, 29 May 2011

sugar and spice and all things nice..


so as is tradition, when it's your birthday at work, you have to bring cakes in for eveyrone else..i think a lot of places have this, and most people tend to go to the supermarket at lunch and pick up some donuts..

i figured i would try and do something a little different, and got looking through some of my recipe excited was i when i found a recipe for carrot cake which didn't contain nuts? answer: very. i gave it a try; grated carrots vigorously so the kitchen was covered in little specks of carrot - if anyone knows of a neat way to grate carrot, do point that out to me! - and put it in the ovem with high i was fairly disappointed when it came out and the edges were burnt and the middle was all eggy and went out of the window for the birds to eat, and i was a little disheartened, so made boring fairy cakes and a chocolate sponge instead..but i did put dinosaur sprinkles on them...


  1. Happy Birthday - when is it, have we missed it?!

    I struggled with carrot cake a LOT - I think it's because it's a very wet mix and moist cake, it's hard to get right. The recipe from Ye Olde Be-Ro Book is brilliant, Lucy copied it up here: - I've done it twice and it's been gorgeous both times :)

  2. those cakes look very yum! What a shame your carrot cake didn't work well :(
    Happy birthday :D

  3. Homemade are MUCH nicer then shop cakes, i bet they went down well!
    I want to make carrot cake for my mums birthday but i'm scared, i might try the Betty Crocker mix for ease! x

  4. I still owe work cake for my birthday!

    Happy Birthday Char x

  5. cupcakes with dinosaur sprinkles don't sound boring at all! infact, as much as I love carrot cake, i think i'd rather have the cupcakes ;) xx

  6. Dinosaur sprinkles?!! I need some! Totally always make a mess with carrot grating too, think thats the way God intended, heh :)

  7. Dinosaur sprinkles are always good and these cakes look brilliant. Happy Birthday again! xxx


    Maria xxx

  9. I think I shall be stealing Lucy's recipe link - my carrot cakes have always been a total disaster. I loathe doing all the grating too.