Thursday, 30 June 2011

oh I will never be the best thing you never had..

Picture 013

Picture 017

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Picture 008

Picture 027

apologies for the poor quality of these (iphone) photos, my camera was playing up the other day but i did not want a momentous event like this go un-photographed....

i think that, after years of falling over the hemlines, feeling like a frumpy, pregnant lady, and generally showing too much cleavage in them, i have finally found a maxi dress to rid me of my uncomfortable feeling towards them..i won this from ebay a while ago now, and it had sat in my "to alter" pile until i was feeling a little inspired the other day and decided to alter it before work - i put a couple of darts in, but it's still a bit roomy so will need them expanding a little i think, but i liked the effect with the plaited belt (nicked from another dress) and the high heels, which didn't seem quite so ridiculously tall under the length of the dress..

shoes  - they are the same office style as my beloved nautical high heels, which i wear a lot..the style, although you wouldn't think it, is really comfortable, and i have had no problems wearing either pair for a day at work, or a meal out in an evening (usually involves a walk from somewhere or other, as i am usually too cheap to pay for parking in my town - "everything is within walking distance!" is what i tell my friends..)

dress - vintage laura ashley, so fabulous quality of fabric, which if it's not clear from the photos is a kind of khaki colour with pink floral print..when it turned up i remember being a little disappointed that it wasn't how i'd expected..but i think i love it after wearing it!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

and that's just how we roll..

Picture 009

above is my first attempt at fimo cutlery..very simple idea of rolling out sausgaes from fimo and winding them around the handle, but i had a bit of a dilemma when it turned out that what i thought was a set of metal-handled cutlery, was in fact plastic in some part in the middle..hence why i only have a teaspoon so far, but we successfully decorated some more at guides this evening, and i have now got 100 pieces of cutlery to cook and varnish before next monday evening, in my abundant spare time (not!)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

on my knees i think clearer..


as anyone who knows me will know, i'm a bit scared of trousers..well, more the way i see myself when i wear trousers..yet, i was convinced by the bloggers that these did not look ridiculous when i tried them on in primark a couple of weeks ago, so now my only dilemma is what on earth to wear them with..any suggestions??
i promise to iron them before wearing!

Friday, 24 June 2011

you and your parrot..





this was my lazy sunday outfit - the hat was only added for the purposes of the pictures, as i am trying to get used to it..i loved it from seeing the adverts for the next directory on tv whilst at my parents' house when house-sitting, and my little sister was smart enough to take the hint(S) so was very pleased to find that she had got it for my birthday :) i'm just hoping that we get enough sun this year to wear it..i have far too many hats, i need to make more effort to wear them!

for someone who really isn't trousers' number one fan, i seem to be spending a fair amount of time in them / looking at them recently! this parrot print pair caught my eye as i rushed past in primark when we were in manchester (alex wanted to get to the shoe section, sharpish!) and i mentioned them later in the day and we went back in for them..i love the print on them, and the fit, but i can't look at these pictures without hating my mid-section, so i will move on..!

have you managed to have a look at my blog sale page yet? i am planning to add more to it early next week as well, the more i get rid of, the less there is to pack i suppose...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

just a face among a million faces..



this was monday's outfit - as soon as i got to the office, i was told i looked like a ballerina..but the guides seemed to love my shoes in the evening, they are currently awaiting repair as the sequin fabric is coming away from the side of the shoe, so i'm hoping a little glue will sort them out, as i like these shoes, despite the fact that they seem to draw (my) attention to my chunky calves more so than usual..
dress - be beau (matalan), shoes - irregular choice, cardigan - oasis (via ebay), duckling necklace - topshop

i'm still ridiculously busy at work, it's getting me a bit down, though i did manage to find a few spare minutes to update my blog sale page today, so do have a look if you can :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

the best is yet to come..



i seem to have been going through a phase of finally getting around to wearing some of the things from my last girly shopping trip to chester - this new look cardigan was a sale bargain i got really excited about - i'd fancied a chunky knit cardi for a while, and had seen this one on the website, but was hoping to see it in store, as i am sometimes a bit fussy when it comes to the feel of some wool items, and also to see what the colour was really like, as i sometimes don't think much of the colour descriptions on their site - (yes, 'mustard' cardigan, which is actually more like 'grubby yellow', i'm talking to you!)

the dress is from tesco, i have been really impressed with the constant improvements to their clothing range recently, and have been making the most of the voucher exchange promotions to double the worth of my vouchers into money to spend on clothing, which i don't ever seem to have a problem spending! i was a little concerned that the dress looked fairly see-through on the hanger, but once i'd put it on i didn't think it was too bad..certainly when i wore it to a friends' house the other day nobody commented on the fact they could see my bra..and they are the kind of friends who would, so i took that as a sign that it must be ok..

having recently organised my tights storage, i was pleased to discover that it's now so much easier to find the ones i want, and to see what colours i have..I grabbed these to go with the dress colours and added my plum boots again due to the weather, and i think they were ok together..a fairly lazy outfit to change into at the end of a busy saturday building campfires..

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

i don't care what anybody thinks about that..


not really sure what i'm doing with my expression here, but i really like the contrast of this green laura ashley cardigan with the leopard print of the dress (a h&m buy a couple of years ago)..

the little bird necklace was another of the new look sale finds a month or so ago when i last met the girls for shopping in chester, and i decided i ought to finally get around to wearing it!

i'm getting increasingly frustrated this week with the new anti-virus update on my computer, as it is stopping me from opening a lot of my usual websties, and i can't figure out how to fix means that i can write a comment on most blog posts, but when the page with the word verification comes up, i can't see the word - the whole comment box goes blank..if anyone knows why this is, or how to fix it, i would really welcome the advice - i miss my commenting and am worried that people will think i am really rude!

i'm hoping to manage to finally get my giveaway up in the next day or so - it's nothing major, just a few things i have collected, but i had been meaning to post it ages ago when i got to 100 followers as a thank you, and now seem to have more like 150..

i also have another bag or so of clothes to pop up in the blogsale page, so that will be done as soon as i can do, as i will only get more and more as the time gets closer to (probable) move out day..i'll try to keep the link on the front page updated when new items are added..

this is starting to look like ANOTHER to-do list!

Monday, 20 June 2011

losing what was almost meant to be..


as i have spent almost the whole day at the office working on the last few rooms of a project which is nearly complete, i didn't spare any time to get any new photos up, which means ill be playing catch up all's good though as finishing this means another big weight from my mind..

above is a dress i made when i was staying with my little sis when my parents were on holiday last's pretty much finished, just needs to be taken in a little, as despite the fact i tried it on during the process it's still ended up too big..and that's certainly not down to losing weight, which seems to be at a standstill. :(

Sunday, 19 June 2011

sing it like i mean it..



a lazy Sunday at home has seen me make the following 'to do' list to work my way through instead of leaving the house..if i wander into town i always seem to end up loafing around the shops just for the sake of it, so i banned myself from going out today and just crossed off as much as i could:
eat breakfast (because if i don't write it down, i forget to eat)
washing up
re-stitch hem and waistline on my sewing project dress
alter vintage dress from the last post
sew new badges onto camp blanket
write three letters to my penpals as I have received a few this week!
do some baking
sort out shoes into their correct boxes (done and a few of them photographed!)

leaving on a jet plane..



oh how i wish i was..i had to spend my Friday lunch hour in a travel agent today for an assignment, and the thought of some of the lovely places i could be jetting off to rather than this rainy town at the moment make the weather seem even that little bit more miserable..
i was meaning to get this post up yesterday, but everything this week seems to have been so busy that I just haven't hadthe time- hopeless I know..

this dress was one i found and tried on in one of the vintage shops in manchester last week at the meetup, and i really like the print, but feel like it will need a little altering to put in some darts to make it feel a
bit closer to the correct size - it has no manufacturer tag and looks to be handmade..the greY leopard print cardi and tights were to pick out some of the grey in the pattern (both primark) and given the weather i felt it necessary to dig these boots's June ffs!

as a rather nice end to an insanely busy week, i had a sewing lesson after work on friday, these photos are to show what stage this dress was at before I went, and the 'after' shots are to follow..there's still a lot for me to do and it may seem that i am only making really slow progress with it, but im pleased because im not cutting any corners and will end up with perfect alterations to my physical pattern which will mean that any similar dresses inthe future should fit perfectly without the need for any alteration!

Friday, 17 June 2011

your fashion

i have to admit, when it comes to buying jewellery, i can be fairly lazy..i tend to stick within my comfort zone, and search the jewellery sections in the high street stores i frequent, often because i am not sure where to start when it comes to web-based jewllery sites..

so i was intrigued when i was contacted recently by Your Fashion Jewellery and asked to take a look at their new site, which is UK-based, offering costume jewellery, and collections based on various celebrity styles..

this gold and red ring is one of my favourites from the website, and i think the price is reasonable at £5.50 - a great price when you think of the fact that all of the high street stores do seem to be letting their jewellery prices creep up and up..

i also rather like the pink lace flower brooch (also available in black) - very reasonable at just £3.99..

i was also interested to see that the current feather earring trend is well and truly covered here, there are the standard feather earrings, which are available in various colours , but also these feather and charm  earrings, which i think are rather cute:

i also found that there is a handbag section, and this one caught my eye - i like the fact it's a decent size - very useful that the dimensions are listed, i hate it when you are not sure of the size or length of something - perfect for lugging around all of those things i'd be lost without !

one of the things which sometimes puts me off buying from websites, is my reluctance to pay huge postage costs..i was therefore pleased to find that Your Fashion Jewellery offers a really reasonable shipping rate of £1.99 for jewllery and £3.99 for bags, and a fuss-free returns policy, which i also find important when placing an order with a company i haven't used before..

very kindly, the people at Your Fashion Jewllery have provided me with a 10% discount code for any of my readers who wish to place an order with them - just add the code "yfj10" when you come to the checkout page..and do let me know what you think if you place an order..

Thursday, 16 June 2011

i never knew i was a techno fan..



so today i was flicking through one of the wardrobe rails and came across this dress which i remember being one of my favourites, purchased in my first year at uni from h&m..i'm not sure why it's been such a long time since i wore it, when i first had it i couldn't seem to go a few days without styling it with a different cardigan etc..

today i thought it was time i gave the midi length another try, as i'm aware it's doing the rounds again..i added this river island cardigan with lace and sequin detailing, which i am now aware is starting to fall apart, and a pair of orange irregular choice heels with owls on the top, which i have worn quite recently, and were a mistake in this horrible weather..

the little chair necklace was £1 in the new look sale a few months ago and i hadn't yet worn it..

Monday, 13 June 2011

leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream..


why does it always seem to be the way that whenever i actually like an outfit lately, i either forget to take a photo, or i try to and realise that the camera battery is dead and i seem to have lost the charger - annoying..

hence i have no pictures from the weekend, and i have had to resrot to this one from last week, which i didn't get time to post..i had decided to wear this dress as it had been so long since i'd worn it - sometimes i have completely forgotten about something and then remember i have it, and decide i have to wear it again at the next possible opportunity - please tell me i'm not the only person who does this?!

the dress is from a small local boutique, i'm not sure of the make of it, but i like the print, and it has interesting detail to the back with it#s straps too (something else i should have got a photo of!) i decided that although they maybe weren't the BEST match, i'd wear my irregular choice RocKo heels, just because i love them!


thankfully i'm feeling a little more bright this week, i have had a nice weekend, and it's been good to stop myself worrying about work all of the time..i had a lovely day in manchester with alex, pearl, mrs b, zoe, danielle and helen, (photos borrowed from their blog posts as i failed to take my camera with me!) and then spent my sunday out with the family for my grandsd's birthday lunch..


Saturday, 11 June 2011

go into business with a grizzy bear..



i know it's a couple of weeks since my birthday now, but someone asked the other day and i realised i hadn't really mentioned it..i haven't really mentioned much at all this week, i feel pretty sick all the time with worry and that feeling of helplessness as i have no idea what is happening at work really, everything is crazy; i have no real criticism as everyone is doing what they can, it's just stressful..

anyway, more cheerfully, some of the lovely things which i was delighted to receive for my birthday a couple of weekends ago! the irregular choice shoes are ones which i have had my eye on for a little while now, and i can't wait to think of something to wear them with ! :)
and after being fairly unsure about them when they were first launched, i'm pretty much in love with my kindle! i'm still of the opinion that there is nothing quite so nice as the smell of a new book, but having used it pretty much every day this week, i can confirm that the kindle is great for reading in the sunshine whilst sunbathing, and it's so light and easy to pop into a handbag that i found it really useful on the early morning train i got earlier this week as welll..v useful for travelling! i'm always looking for book suggestions, too..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

i get tired and upset, and i'm trying to care a little less..



as my week has been getting more and more stressful, i've let everything else slide, including blog posts, outfit inspiration and anything which isn't on my desk at work..i can't see this changing anytime soon, so am trying to take advantage of a five minute break to catch up with posting some of the outfits which i have actually got around to taking pictures of..

i spent the last weekend up in north wales with the family..saturday was really sunny and i spent most of the day in the garden reading Little Women and working on my suntan (as is evident from the red-faced pictures here, taken sunday evening)..
sunday was a little more dull, so i reverted to leggings - in june!- with a be beau at matalan dress, and a laura ashley cardigan which i found in the wardrobe in wales (and may have forgotten about a little!) we spent a fairly relaxed sunday, picked up my sis from her uni house and all went out for coffee, which was kinda nice.. all in all a much more relaxing weekend than i had expected (sometimes my family can be hard work) and i was really glad of some time to relax..

Sunday, 5 June 2011

the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees..







as i don't seem to be feeling very wordy, here are some more (and washing-line-free much better quality) outfit pictures from my birthday weekeend and a close-up of my gold glitter birthday shoes! i'm hoping the words will return tomorrow.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

i hope the sea is just as blue as i dreamed..



a quick outfit catchup while i hope to be catching some sun or at least relaxing and trying to take my mind off this week..the dress is one from tesco clothing, i love their recent dresses, such pretty floral prints! the cardigan is primark.