Wednesday, 22 June 2011

the best is yet to come..



i seem to have been going through a phase of finally getting around to wearing some of the things from my last girly shopping trip to chester - this new look cardigan was a sale bargain i got really excited about - i'd fancied a chunky knit cardi for a while, and had seen this one on the website, but was hoping to see it in store, as i am sometimes a bit fussy when it comes to the feel of some wool items, and also to see what the colour was really like, as i sometimes don't think much of the colour descriptions on their site - (yes, 'mustard' cardigan, which is actually more like 'grubby yellow', i'm talking to you!)

the dress is from tesco, i have been really impressed with the constant improvements to their clothing range recently, and have been making the most of the voucher exchange promotions to double the worth of my vouchers into money to spend on clothing, which i don't ever seem to have a problem spending! i was a little concerned that the dress looked fairly see-through on the hanger, but once i'd put it on i didn't think it was too bad..certainly when i wore it to a friends' house the other day nobody commented on the fact they could see my bra..and they are the kind of friends who would, so i took that as a sign that it must be ok..

having recently organised my tights storage, i was pleased to discover that it's now so much easier to find the ones i want, and to see what colours i have..I grabbed these to go with the dress colours and added my plum boots again due to the weather, and i think they were ok together..a fairly lazy outfit to change into at the end of a busy saturday building campfires..


  1. Ooh love that cardi, might be making a trip to New Look! xx

  2. I've been loving tesco clothing lately too but have been having to resist temptation! That cardigan is lovely but mustard yellow? I think not!

  3. I love chunky cardigans- mainly cuz I'm always always cold! They are the only way of keeping my body warm in the winter- but also now with this crazy weather!

  4. Pretty dress, isn't it ridiculous that you need to wear a cardi with it in JUNE!

    You look like you're about to levitate in the first picture!

  5. Aah I love my chunky cardi, great find! Plus you can almost get away with wearing them year round, so great investment too! :)