Saturday, 25 June 2011

on my knees i think clearer..


as anyone who knows me will know, i'm a bit scared of trousers..well, more the way i see myself when i wear trousers..yet, i was convinced by the bloggers that these did not look ridiculous when i tried them on in primark a couple of weeks ago, so now my only dilemma is what on earth to wear them with..any suggestions??
i promise to iron them before wearing!


  1. I bought those trousers from primark too! I think theyre the same anyway.

    Unfortunately I have the same dilemma!

    The only thing i've decided on so far is the cream & blue stripey cardigan i picked up on the way to the changing room.

  2. I'm scared of trousers too, I practically live in leggings. If I had the right body, I would wear a black crop top with the trousers for a casual look. xo

  3. They would support a patterned top and heels. I have no brown trousers, so I can't be much help!

  4. I think brown goes with a surprising amount of things. Try an orange or green or cream top. What about the Laura Ashley cardi buttoned up, a silk scarf round your neck and some green heels? Bet that would look fab.

  5. I'd pair them with a plain vest or blouse and some killer shoes. You can't go wrong there!

  6. maybe a plain white top with patterned accessories? :)

    half the world away.

  7. How did they get so creased LOL!!! Try them with brogues and try them with strappy heels too x