Friday, 17 June 2011

your fashion

i have to admit, when it comes to buying jewellery, i can be fairly lazy..i tend to stick within my comfort zone, and search the jewellery sections in the high street stores i frequent, often because i am not sure where to start when it comes to web-based jewllery sites..

so i was intrigued when i was contacted recently by Your Fashion Jewellery and asked to take a look at their new site, which is UK-based, offering costume jewellery, and collections based on various celebrity styles..

this gold and red ring is one of my favourites from the website, and i think the price is reasonable at £5.50 - a great price when you think of the fact that all of the high street stores do seem to be letting their jewellery prices creep up and up..

i also rather like the pink lace flower brooch (also available in black) - very reasonable at just £3.99..

i was also interested to see that the current feather earring trend is well and truly covered here, there are the standard feather earrings, which are available in various colours , but also these feather and charm  earrings, which i think are rather cute:

i also found that there is a handbag section, and this one caught my eye - i like the fact it's a decent size - very useful that the dimensions are listed, i hate it when you are not sure of the size or length of something - perfect for lugging around all of those things i'd be lost without !

one of the things which sometimes puts me off buying from websites, is my reluctance to pay huge postage costs..i was therefore pleased to find that Your Fashion Jewellery offers a really reasonable shipping rate of £1.99 for jewllery and £3.99 for bags, and a fuss-free returns policy, which i also find important when placing an order with a company i haven't used before..

very kindly, the people at Your Fashion Jewllery have provided me with a 10% discount code for any of my readers who wish to place an order with them - just add the code "yfj10" when you come to the checkout page..and do let me know what you think if you place an order..


  1. i know exactly what you mean about postage sometimes it's ridiculous! that handbag is pretty cool :) i will definitely check out the website! you might be interested in my blog giveaway :) it's my first and closes today so check it out! ronan x

  2. lovely earrings, how cool of them to offer the discount code!

  3. I get put off by postage costs too. I'm so tempted to check this site out but I'm meant to be on a shopping ban!

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