Wednesday, 31 August 2011

you were once running wild hiding in the morning mist..

tulle skirt and jade cropped tee : primark

boots and leopard print tights : primark

turtle necklace : primark

leopard fur hat : river island

little sis and i set ourselves a £20 outfit challenge in primark at the weekend..armed with £20 note each, we decided to see if we could come up with an's my attempt, which i wore to the beach to meet my best friends on sunday..

as part of my £20 challenge i bought - plum coloured tulle skirt (£10), jade tshirt with pocket (£4), and turtle necklace (£3)..i added the rest of the outfit - boots, tights, and hat from my existing wardrobe in wales..which meant that i had my change to give to sis, as she managed to find a dress and a pair of boots which totalled £23 - perfect! :) anyone else played this game before??
i didn't get any beach photos from this trip because it rained on us and we were more concerned with not getting soaked - which we failed at!! but i do have some monday walk photos to come on my next post, with plenty of beach scenes :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

living next door to alice..

dress: handmade by me

entrance to the victorian town

horse and cart around the victorian streets

incline lift, which we took up to the top of the hill for a forest walk

cardigan: george @asda // rabbit necklace : topshop

some of the amusing signage in the window of the printer's

victorian fairground

on the steam-powered carousel

the mad hatter's tea party

inside the doctor's surgery

window display of the haberdashery

the door into wonderland

on saturday, i took my youngest sister to blists hill victorian town, one of the museums near ironbridge gorge, partly because neither of us had been there for years, and also because she had discovered there was an alice in wonderland theme to the bank holiday weekend, and she wanted to take part in the mad hatter's tea party (as did i!)..

we both decided to dress up - i dug out the alice-print prom dress i made several years ago, and with some skilful lacing up of the back, and the help of a few safety pins, i managed to get it small enough to stay up without having to do any major alterations..i took a heart-shaped bag from topshop, and added a rabbit necklace, also topshop, as well as some blue bow flat shoes from irregular choice, as i knew there would be a lot of cobbles / grass to walk on..

we enjoyed plenty of performances based on the stories of alice in wonderland, and were able to join in with the mad hatter's tea party, whcih was great fun..and also managed to fit in a good amount of site-seeing around the victorian town, there was heaps to see even without the alice extras - we could change our money into shillings at the bank when we got in, and then go around the various shops, including woodturner, printer, bakery, post office, haberdasher etc, and spend our 'old money' on their wares, as well as at the restaurant and the fairground, and then exchange back what we hadn't spent at the end of the day..

we had a lovely day, despite a couple of rain showers, and there was more than enough to keep us occupied - as it's relatively close to my town, i know i went to blists hill when i was in school, but i remember so little about the trip that it was nice to see some of the things again, and learn about some aspects of victorian daily life..and also lovely to spend a day with my little sis :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

let's call the whole thing off..




another leap out of my comfort zone with these trousers..i bought them a while ago now from Manchester when i went to the blogger meet up, and they've been folded up and taunting me ever since..i like the colour - tobacco apparently - and thought that the colours in this top would go with them..but then i worried the whole thing was too casual, so added the heels in an attempt to drag the whole outfit back into the realms of acceptable workwear..
i still feel really weird in trousers, as though I'm not quite dressed, but maybe that'll change as I get more used to them..?

Sunday, 28 August 2011

death by diamonds and pearls..

i was planning to do a review post on this which i picked up with my shopping a couple of weeks ago..


i had been looking at the epilators, as i've been thinking of investing in one for a little while, and decided that i probably couldn't stretch to one without doing a little
more research on them..

but then this shaver caught my eye, and was marked up with a sale sticker to say "introductory offer" and priced at £3.97, which i decided was too good a bargain to miss out on! i have to admit i hadn't really thought about getting another shaver, i'd had one in the past (from boots a few yr's ago) and had never really thought that much of it..

i've tried this a few times now, and have to admit it is great! it provides a nice close shave, and is really easy to pop off the top to works on battery power only, rather than a charge, which could mean that it's expensive to keep it stocked with aa batteries, as im not sure how long two will last..

i like the fact that it can be used both in and out of the shower, as i find that much easier a lot of the time..and so much easier for being in a rush, as i'm one of those people who always ends up with loads of razor-nicks on my legs if i have to rush!

overall i would definitely recommend this tesco shaver, and would advise you to pick one up next time you do your shopping..i must point out this is just somethign i purchased for myself, i wasn't asked to do a review by anyone else.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

there's nothing but the rain, no footsteps on the ground..

orange pumps : h+m

dress: tesco clothing // cardi : new look

ring : freedom @ topshop

i love this smudgey-print dress from tesco, it lends itself to so many different colours to go with neon bright orange pumps, or a clashy floral print ring..
after going through a bit of a phase of being useless at remembering to add jewellery to my outfits, i do seem to be getting a bit better at it - which is good, as it's something i seem to have an insane amount of ! maybe i should do a dedicated "favourite jewellery" post so i don't miss any out..?

anyway, it's a fabulously rainy bank holiday weekend, which put a stop to my half-baked "beach getaway" plans, but i will be having a lovely time to blists hill victorian town with my little sis for an alice in wonderland tea party, and then heading up to wales to see my girls, with plans for a beach picnic, which may have to be altered slightly, but we will have a lovely time anyway! have a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

Friday, 26 August 2011

friday favourites 004..

kinda can't believe it's friday again, but here are a couple of the things on my wish list this week..

1: balloons and bicycle tee, £27, hero and cape

2: star print tights, £10, topshop
1: i have seen a few mentions of hero and cape recently, and a few blog posts showing what look to be some lovely, hand-drawn tees (see alex's post on her hero and cape tee here) i thought i would have a little look on the site, and completely fell for this bike print tee! i don't very often wear printed tees, as there is something in my head which thinks they only go with jeans (which i don't wear) although i really like the inspired way in which the model on the site has matched it with a cute floral skirt- when i get my hands on this printed lovely, i will be copying her style!

2: to finish off my outfit, or any outfit at the moment due to my newfound patterned-tights obsession (as mentioned here), i would like this pair of starry tights from topshop !

Thursday, 25 August 2011

this reminds me that it's not so bad, not so bad..

top : primark // cardi : h&m

skirt : warehouse (sale)

'my mum's garden' heels : (office sale)

today's outfit post comes from last week if i'm honest, but as i said to alex this morning, i have decided that the world will not end if i don't post my actual day's outfit on that actual day..i sometimes do..

i have been making a bit of an effort recently to try and wear my way through some of the things that i've bought and just let sit in the wardrobe for a long time..these shoes are one of those things, bought when i stopped in birmingham with my friend on our way home from our weekend in stratford-on-avon, so not that long ago..

i've worn this skirt a LOT since i bought it - years ago - but i still love it, and figured it was an old favourite i could throw together with the shoes, which i love..i like the clashing florals effect..

i also hadn't worn this top before, i really like the detail of the ruffles on the front, but wasn't sure about the long length, i'm always a little worried that long tops can end up looking frumpy..but i think i like it overall..


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

i once knew a pretty girl and she was in love with the world..

tights : primark

heels : primark

cardi : new look

i finally found this dress in the new look sale a few wks ago in the TALL, i know i'm not really that tall, but i tried on the regular length one when it was first released and it was insanely short, hence not buying it until i found it by chance in the sale..i don't think i could cope with it any shorter, but i was glad to think of it as the perfect thing to go with these tights..

i'm excited about patterned tights recently..i'm aware that i'm about a million years late on one of the biggest 'blogger-trends' going, but there it is..however, i know what i'm like when it comes to wearing tights once, and catching them on a bag, the car, my desk, anything really..they literally last about a day, and as it there seems to be no correlation between my propensity to ruining tights and the price i have paid for them, i tend to favour cheap tights and stockings / hold-ups rather than paying an insane amounts for them..which has meant that whilst i have drooled over patterned henry holland tights etc, i have never tried any..

so i was quite pleased when i saw a pair of these on a plastic leg in primark recently..£2 for the pair and they are fairly thick, i figured i may as well give them a go..i wore them with the dress as i decided it would be the right length to show off some of the detail on the tights, and yet still is a fairly 'smart' outfit as i had to start the day with a breakfast networking meeting before heading to my office..i did get some comments on them (good, i think) and i really like them..i love the polka dots and the rose pattern, and the fact that they don't make my legs look quite so huge as usual (which has always been a reservation i've had re patterned tights!)..

anyway, i will continue to work them into outfits (until the inevitable happens and i ruin them, anyway) and will look out for some more / similar ones within my meagre tights budget..enough hosiery chit-chat for today, but if you have any recommendations, please let me know..

oh and the title of today's post is dedicated to klee, who blogs here and is very funny! :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

you've been acting awful tough lately..

robot necklace : lady luck rules ok

dress : new look

cardi : river island

pumps : h+m

a little eye-spy game with my robot necklace which seems to have camouflaged itself into my dress..

Monday, 22 August 2011

let's watch the flowers grow..

satchel bag : nica // necklace : topshop

cardigan : new look

dress : dorothy perkins (gift)

silver cut-out brogues : tesco via ebay

what with a combination of work really picking up, short deadlines to meet, and a horrible end to my weekend, i've not really got around to sorting out any more recent outfit photos..

this outfit is from a few weekends ago, for a wander into town on a miserable saturday, i feel as though i'm dressing for winter already..this dress has probably done the rounds of all the blogs by now, but i've not posted it yet, and also here are some bargain shoes, 99p from ebay..not all that practical i guess, with cut out sections, but i quite like the effect..

hope everyone else has had a nice weekend..

Friday, 19 August 2011

friday favourites 003

1 - velvet sandals, £58 Topshop

2 - hedgehog print jumper, £35 River Island

1 - there is something about velvet which, every year, makes me think of wrapping up warm for winter as the days get shorter..i'm don't think i have a favourite season; whilst i love to sit on the beach and read a book, or to work on my suntan in the garden, i equally like those crisp and frosty wintery days, when you can see your breath in front of you, and wrapping up warm in knitted layers! velvet also makes me think of parties - especially birthday parties when i was of primary school age, and used to have a "party dress" (usually velvet, probably bought by my nan, with some sequins or something!)..

hence why i like these sandals so much, regardless of the fact that they break all of my usual shoe rules - i don't tend to favour chunky heels, i'm not a huge fan of peep toes,.and yet i am mentally making room for a shoebox on top of my already over-flowing stack for these topshop sandals!

2 - continuing the winter wishlist theme, i really love the look of this hedgehog print jumper ( i like a lot of the chelsea girl range at river island at the moment!) i don't often wear jumpers, i find that i get too warm in them, and usually prefer to throw on a cardigan over an outfit, but i really like the print on this..could be one for the xmas list...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

going back to the corner where i first saw you..

floral print boots : river island via ebay // bag : topshop

socks + tights : primark

dress : newlife charity centre

ootd post from saturday, an early start and a drive to the rather grim-looking north wales coast..
as i mentioned in a recent post, last week i added to my non-existent sock collection..these plum ones were one of the pairs i picked up, along with the leopard print tights, in primark (i was excited by these as my old leopardprint tights have been holey for ages and i've been hoping they wouldn't completely ruin before i managed to find a new pair)..

i thought when i saw them that i would wear them with each other, although realised that the socks were knee-high, hence the slouchy effect of them..i decided to match them (sort of) with the colours of this dress, and then entirely clash them with these boots..does socks over tights remind anyone else of school uniform in the winter?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

this song is only wishful thinking..

horse necklace : gift from a lovely friend

dress : topshop // headband : handmade by me

my lovely post and bargains..

i'm a little behind with posting some of these photos - at some point i will be all caught up..but as the bargain cardi went down well at the weekend, i thought i'd mention some more of my recent bargains..

this outfit was just one i threw on to wander into town a couple of weekends back, i had remembered the dress and tracked it down in my wardrobes and run the iron over it -it doesn't seem to matter how many times i iron things before they go into the wardrobe, they get so crushed in there that they still come out looking scruffy..

this turned out to be a very successful trip into town, i had a few things to take back, and a camp expenses chq to pay in, and then i allowed myself a little look around the sales..i spent a voucher on the topshop 'bug in a bottle necklace', and found the bright blue cocktail ring in the accessorize sale..i also found this laura ashley tshirt in the sale at £8, and decided it was definitely worth that!

the hair bow and feather and note came from fritha, a lovely little parcel for entering the hat competition whilst at the #brumbloggermeet a few weeks ago now..and the first of my postcards had arrived, reminding me that i needed to also buy postcards and stamps for my partners in the swap - set up by jenny on her blog (here)..

all in all it was a really successful morning in my opinion, by the time i came home, i came back with about £70 more than when i had started - if only all of my shopping trips could end that way around!

Monday, 15 August 2011

but right now i wish that you were here..

dress : monsoon 

heart print heels : irregular choice

after my frustration in my recent friday favourites post about this dress, i had decided to pop into monsoon the next time i was passing, just in case..i found the only one in the store, and after snatching it off the rail away from a woman who looked as though she may have been headed for it, deliberated whether or not it fit me properly, as it was a size smaller than i usually go for, and i was convinced in the changing room that i was looking a bit like the hulk in it..looking at the pictures though, it's not that obvious, and it felt perfectly comfortable..maybe the shred is having some effect after all, as i felt more princessy in it than monstrous..

shrug : tesco clothing

i decided to save it for my best friend's baby's christening, which was yesterday, and i was so glad of the chance to see them all again, as the last time i saw them was my birthday bingo outing (a good few months ago now!) and i've really missed was so nice to catch up with everything, and just to giggle away with them and take my mind off the more frustrating things which have been happening recently..

and a (apparently very rare) photo of us all looking at the camera - that almost never happens, as i almost never look at the camera, so Bex tells me anyway!

my beautiful best friends :)