Sunday, 18 September 2011

i read bad poetry, into your machine..

DSC06543 DSC06541 DSC06542

not entirely sure what the grumpy face is about in these photos..this is the first outfing for these new look tights i picked up thinking that they were the perfect colours for autumn! i threw the outfit on to head into town last weekend in order to take switch my library books, so i wasn't exactly dressing to impress anyone - evidently!)..i always get told it's weird that i still use the library on such a regular basis, when i received a kindle for my birthday earlier in the year..i really love the kindle, and i do use it - especially when i go away..but i still make use of my town library - it's quite a sizeable one, and i like to try out authors i haven't read before, who i may end up hating, so i feel it makes sense..

dress : apparently vintage, bought from ebay for 99p and seriously altered by me..

boots : matalan

tights : new look

belt : h+ m

bag : river island


  1. My mum would love the fact that you use your library. She's a librarian and gets wound up when people ask 'do people even still go there?' xx

  2. Those boots are amazing! Love the studs, and the contrast with the feminine floral dress. =)

  3. Lol you look sooo unimpressed here!
    Love the New Look tights, they are fab, i'm building a collection x

  4. Brilliant tights for autumn and I still use the heck out of my library. It's invaluable to me, especially when they are giving away old issues of Wildlife magazine for 20p each :) You look very pretty, I love the way you have your hair too. xxx

  5. I am glad you still use the library! I did some research into eBooks for public libraries and think that most people will still use printed books too, they complement each other really.