Tuesday, 18 October 2011

**bloggers' secret santa**

secret santa 

ironically, given that i am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to christmas and the early talk which seems to surround it, i have decided to arrange a bloggers' secret santa.. the rules are fairly simple:

  • Sign up by emailing me (dinoprincesschar(at) with a link to your blog, and your postal details (I am v. trustworthy and will only pass these on to your Secret Santa).  Please include anything you think your Secret Santa ought to know - likes, dislikes, allergies...
  • Closing date for sign ups is 10am Friday 4th November.
  • I will match everyone up and email you with the details of your Secret Santa

  • The spend limit for the present will be £5
  • Wrap your present with the label "Bloggers' Secret Santa present - not to be opened until Christmas!" (or similar) and send it via a trackable method. (The total likely spend including postage will be approx £8)
  • Parcels to be posted by 9th December.

  • Once you have posted your present, please email me to let me know the tracking no, so that the parcel can be tracked in case of any problems.
  • Once you have received your gift, please let me know it's arrived (so I can tick it off, and chase any which are missing)
Please sign up via email (not in the comments section!) and spread the word - the more the merrier! I'm hoping that there will be a button soon, as soon as it's ready for the taking, take! :)


  1. Is this running internationally because i'd be totally interested in signing up but i'll be in America by then and obviously postage costing to the states is more.

  2. I'd love to take part, but I've signed up for two already!!

  3. Loving the idea of this, am off to e-mail you now.

    Hope you're ok Char, know it's been a tough time.