Saturday, 1 October 2011

**caanowrimo giveaway**

in which i host a giveaway, and attempt to write a novel.. i decided it was about time i had a giveaway around here..

miss selfridge blue and white scarf // accessorize sequin butterfly purse // m&s limited collection lipsticks // h&m snake print bag // handmade button brooch // bird shape wooden stamp // sparkly hair slide // 'thanks for the memories' by cecelia ahern // pink floral tights (primark) // blue flower bangle (primark) // silicone heart ice cube tray

if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning all of these things (and probably a few more..) then it really couldn't be more simple, but here's where the novel part comes in..alex and i have decided to spend the month of october attempting our own little version of the nanowrimo challenge, which i have lovingly entitled #caanowrimo { 'char-and-alex's-novel-writing-month' - you just KNOW it's going to catch on}..i had a go at nanowrimo last year and did a few thousand words before running out of inspiration..which is where you come in.. to enter the giveaway, the rules work as follows:

  • you must be a follower of my blog
  • leave a comment on this post giving me an idea of something to add into my novel
  • leave a way for me to contact you if you win - email address or twitter name
  • the giveaway is open until 8am on monday 10th october, uk time
  • a winner will be chosen at random after the close date
  • i will only post to a uk address..(if you aren't in the uk, you can still enter if you have a uk address the prize could be posted to..)
for an extra entry:`
  • follow me on twitter (@dinoprincesschr) and tweet mentioning me and the giveaway..if you do this please leave another comment on this post to tell me you have done this, as i likely won't be able to keep track..


  1. What a marvellous idea!!! I'd so love to do this if only I wasn't a wretched teacher! Ok, my idea, which isn't really that great (and do tell me if this doesn't count as an idea as it is too small! I'll try something else) is that there must be a secret passage in your novel- it might involve visiting a museum or a library, but definitely, there should be an unexpected passageway which is used at a cliffhanger or crucial moment.

    Please may I enter your lovely giveaway!?

  2. Fab giveaway please enter me.


  3. ooo I've never heard of this before, I've just given the link to my little sister she's only young but shes really talented at I'm going to suggest you include what I think she would say, this would be a pirate or some sort of piratie thing, maybe a parrot,ship or wooden leg, that sort of thing.

    Please enter me

    Thank you xxx

  4. Please enter me! My idea for your novel is a hidden doorway. Simples!

  5. and I have tweeted too @countrygirldoes
    A second idea? Um, an albino animal popping up somewhere unexpected.

  6. This giveaway looks fab!
    Idea...erm....there should be a secret doorway, which has been forgotten about and covered up.

  7. Ah! Just noticed someone already said hidden doorway. Dammit!

  8. I tweeted too

  9. Aaaah, count me in. Love the sound of this, but I'd be hopeless trying to write a novel of any kind. My contribution: a child oblivious to the consequences mentioning something it has seen/heard and shouldn't have done causing an awkward moment.

    e-mailable on and btw you're really very generous, that's a gorgeous prize load.

  10. Ohh what a fab idea for a giveaway!! Enter me please!
    In your novel you should have a library, either a room in a house or a public library.


  11. Ooh what a great idea and I love the rules for your giveaway. I'm trying to research for a teen fiction book at the moment.

    My suggestion is to include an unfortunate haircut or beauty treatment gone wrong.


  12. I would love to be in this giveaway, I was thinking maybe an idea to write into your story, (not knowing what your writing style is as I haven't been a follower for long)a camping trip, by a lake, renowned for the beautiful butterflies?

    Just an idea.

    I am reachable either through my Google account/Blogger or email

    Good Luck


  13. Oooooh, I like those giveaway prizes! Can you enter me please? I'm pretty sure you know how to contact me, and I've already given you my idea for the novel, so I won't repeat them here.

    #caanowrimo will definitely catch on ;-)

  14. Fab idea and giveaway Char!

    My idea for your novel is to include a loveable pet.

  15. I'm only just managing to catch up after a manic few weeks so I've just seen this, but what a fab idea! I would like to see the inclusion of some shoes with red velvet bows on :) x

  16. LOVE this idea! My suggestion would be that someone who is really poor comes into a large amount of money - but still shops in charity shops!