Wednesday, 26 October 2011

come fly with me..

shoes : irregular choice
dress: primark // cardigan: matalan
DSC06863 DSC06864 DSC06861 DSC06865

i can't decide if i like this outfit or not, i was toying with the idea of matching the dress to some mustard heels instead, but then i remembered that's what i always wear with this dress..and i fancied a change..
enter irregular choice kitten heels with nursery rhyme print! and polka dots! and forks and spoons! and bows! what more could one ask for on their feet? and they're comfortable, which is a good thing as i have a fairly busy evening ahead..
i'm off to give blood (which i hate!) and then after that walking to the theatre as my friend is in a dance show..provided i make it there without fainting or anything :(

in other news, i came home to the most lovely of parcels yesterday from darling charlene! she has a lovely blog here, and also sells her amazing nail art designs on her website here!! i'm a little bit in love with these cuties, and can't wait til the weekend when i can try them out in time for halloween..although i have to admit i have never tried false nails before, so i would be grateful of any tips...


  1. I gave blood the other day too! Well done! Enter my good deed giveaway on my blog! :)


  2. Cute nails :) just be careful when removing the, can be tricky! Buy a pot of false nail remover/dissolver x

  3. The nails are gorgeous. I had my first go at fake nails last week, I roughed my nails up a little with an emery board first, seemed to work quite well & they stayed stuck til I took them off :)

  4. Aaah I love your shoes, tiny spoons! V pretty outfit :)

  5. Those shoes are GORGEOUS! I really should check out Irregular Choice. I usually see them in Schuh or Office and they are really expensive, but there's always ebay....! Jen x

  6. The shoes Char, THE SHOES! OMFG the SHOEs. They have desert cutlery on them, DESERT CUTLERY.

    Sorry about that.

    Love the Frankenstein Nails from Charlene's shop, have my eye on the drip ones, they're awesomeness!

  7. Oh my! I ADORE them! Really really fun! Quite possibly my favourite ICs ever!