Friday, 7 October 2011

friday favourites 007..

1) cath kidston cutlery set, £60

as i haven't done one of these posts in a little while, i thought it was about time i shared my current must-haves..

1) how pretty is this cath kidston cutlery set!? i have had my ikea cheap set since moving in, and the colour is starting to wash off the handles of all of the pieces, as well as the little dots of rust beginning to form, so i have been thinking about updating my cutlery drawer for a while now..this could be what i replace them with..

 2) i have seen this topshop dress on a couple of blogs, and love the fact that velvet makes me feel all party-ish..i know it's ages til the party season, but you can never be too prepared, right?

2) topshop velvet tunic dress, £30


  1. I require that cutlery in my life!

  2. Love that cutlery set, such lovely pastel colours. I could spend a fortune on cath kidston stuff! x

  3. Love that dress, although I'd totally wear it with lace up boots and my denim shirt, actually didnt think of it as being dressy til I read what you wrote! Must find one now... :)

  4. I love the cutlery just because it doesn't match. I have been trying to pick up unmatched bone handled cutlery a la Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for ages in charity shops, but I am not that lucky.

    I would love Cath's set but I think it is a bit too pricey for me :(.


  5. the colour of the dress is gorgeous. Very xmassy!

  6. I love the colour of the dress, it is just as pretty in real life! Perfect for the party season!

  7. I was in the Cath Kidston outlet shop the other day In Portsmouth, so many nice things to coo over but the cutlery is truly lovely- my aunt has it and her twin girls fight over the pink! ANd I love those Topshop tunics- I'm eyeing up the leopard print one (of course!)

    xxx Maddie

  8. I was admiring that cutlery set too recently! I know Pearl Lowe is going to have a velvet dress in her Christmas collection- I'm looking forward to that!

  9. Ooh that topshop dress is pretty! Definitely would make me feel in a party mood - but I bed you could get away with it for day as well with the right accessories.

  10. Oh I love that cutlery set, would love that for when I move out :) x