Monday, 17 October 2011

it touches your heart when you can see wild horses running free..

some photos from my weekend..well, all from saturday really, as i did not do anything photo-worthy on sunday, i had an emotional day working on my #caanowrimo novel challenge..the less said about that at the moment, the better, i have a loooooooooong way to go!     

the beautiful view from the car as we made our way home through the countryside!

baby rabbits (and a charming face!)
on friday, i went to stay with one of my best friends, and then on saturday the four of us girls went for a trip was lovely to spend time with my best friends, i seem to be leaving it much too long between visits recently..
we went ice skating, which (despite the pain caused to i think everyone's feet) was great fun..i hadn't been for over a year, although i do love it..i have serious room for improvement; i'd love to be able to skate backwards one day..and maybe do a spin..we didn't fall over, though, which i think was quite an achievement (although lis and i came close when we were trying to do "our trick" to show the others!)
the photo where i learned a valuable lesson about not taking photos whilst trying to keep your balance on ice skates..
after skating we headed out on the hunt for somewhere nice to eat..we took a scenic route due to the traffic, and spotted a sign reading "now serving food", and screeched into the car park, starving! after a few "seconds" wait (there was one woman serving when we arrived, and she just kept telling us "be with you in a second", and by the time we had our order taken poor lis had taken to eating the sugar cubes!) we had some lovely baguettes, and then headed on home, where we played with the baby rabbit (i want one, but only if he promises to stay hand-sized!)..
silver sequin shoes: primark

horse print dress: reko (at topshop)

cardigan, sequin belt, hair bow: all h&m
finally, i headed home late-afternoon, and got to my friends' house about 6pm, got changed, and took her out for dinner at a little local italian and a birthday night out..this was my outfit for the evening - apologies for the state of my tired eyes, i forgot to take any photos until i had got home about half 1, after hours of dancing and driving her home..i hod forgotten i owned this dress, and then saw something similar in a shop recently, which reminded me..i'm not sure if i have ever worn it befroe, but it's been in the wardrobe for two or three years..

how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Those sparkly shoes are amazing! I'm jealous

  2. awww such cute bunnies.

    I love those sequin shoes xx

  3. Waaaah! Teeny bunnies! Too adorable for words.
    I love those sequinned shoes. Which Primark is everyone going to, as mine never stocks such nice things, or one the rare occasion they do, it'll be size 3 shoes and size 6 dresses. Fail.

    xxx Maddie

  4. Looks like you had a fab weekend. Love your hair curly like that, it looks so pretty!

  5. It sounds like a nice weekend, love your sequin shoes! Mine was quite quiet, a bit of window shopping and a lot of X Factor viewing! x

  6. Aww the baby rabbits are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want another one, but mine grew so quickly! I love your sequin shoes, they are so cute!

    Had a busy weekend of finding a fancy dress outfit for a party in a few weeks (going as Lady Gaga - not sure if that's a good idea!) and then just boring work stuff. x x

  7. Those baby bunnies are ADORABLE and I love you primark sequin heels x

  8. Ooooh spaaaaaaaaaaaarkly!!!! HOW cute are those bunnies! I want one- I don't care if becomes the size of a tank, I want one!!!!!

  9. Horse prints make me happy. As do sequin shoes! So I pretty much love this post

  10. Love those sparkly shoes, and that dress is such a nice colour on you!
    Love Amie xx