Thursday, 27 October 2011

thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening..

nail polish : no7 'me me me'

carousel earrings : topshop (years ago!)

leopard print cardi : primark

dress : vera moda

'near miss' heels : office
  i love these heels..if i had designed them, maybe i would have given them the same shape of heel but higher, but they are comfy, quirky enough but not so much that i couldn't wear them to a meeting, and they have lightning bolts on them..and glitter!
they're called 'near miss' and i think they are aptly named - i first saw them in a magazine years ago (during a uni seminar, most likely!) and HAD to have them..i knew they would be from office, so i called up the head office and asked when they would be available to order, and was told, and ordered them when they came out..then i received a letter to say that they were being recalled due to a defect, and i was gutted..i took them back into the store after receiving the letter, and asked if they would be fixing the shoes as i'd rather have them fixed then get a refund for them..i was told that they weren't sure if they would be fixed, and that the line was to be discontinued, although they didn't tell me what the problem i kept them..and they haven't injured me, fallen apart, or caused me to choke on small parts, yet anyway..

has anyone else ever had a product recalled?


  1. See I never understood how the process of recalling items actually works for clothing, like they expect buttons to fall off or something? That hardly seems like a big deal to me! Love your matching outfit, glad you kept the shoes, they're cute but subtle! :)

  2. I wonder why they would recall shoes?! I bet you're glad you kept them! I really like the pink sparkly lightening bolt on them, it matches your nails :) x

  3. Holy Moly....this outfit is 100 kinds of fantastic! I love each piece individually but I also love them all together and can we talk about those earrings?! Phenomenal!

  4. LOVE those shoes and I neeeed that nail polish! x

  5. Once again I have to say I love your shoe collection! These are beauties! Looking lovely Char :)

  6. Those shoes are fabulous! And hey, if they haven't harmed you so far, I think you're probably safe from the, :)

  7. I love this outfit, great mix of shades of grey. You look lovely Char x

  8. I LOVE those shoes, you definitely made the right choice keeping them!

  9. Those shoes are lovely, I love the grey and pink together. Love the earrings too I've never seen anything like them before! xx

  10. Love this whole outfit :) Especially the dress and the shoes!