Tuesday, 25 October 2011

tuesday titles 001..


i'm not sure what it is recently but each time i have read a new book, i've made a few little review-style notes about it, what i thought, whether i would recommend it i thought i would do what some of the other bloggers i read sometimes do, and put together a new post feature for my thoughts on the things i have read..welcome to 'tuesday titles'..

To the Moon and Back - Jill Mansell
i bought this with a voucher i'd been given for e-books from one of my friends, which i had loaded onto my account but not got around to actually spending any of, as i tend to go for the free downloads.. however, i knew there was a new jill mansell book out, and i have always been a fan of her work, so i figured it was a safe bet, and downloaded it onto the kindle a couple of weeks ago..i finished it in two sittings, and found it very easy to devour, which i would say is standard for jill's books - i read my first one by chance after picking it up at a jumble sale about ten years ago and have been hooked ever since! to the moon and back tells the story of ellie, who is in the process of making a fresh start with her life and meets roo, who has a secret which she needs to sort out..i like the way that whilst all of the jill mansell books i have read have been full of likeable characters, and are easy to read, she doesn't seem to fall into that trap that so many other female authors tend to of being formulaic and therefore predictable..the book had just the right amount of twists and turns, and everything tied in rather nicely without becoming predictable..i'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone..also i would recommend that you follow her on twitter, too as she seems to be really lovely, which always helps :)

The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan
i picked this up by chance from the 'just returned' shelf in the library a while ago, and it's quirky format appealed to me, although i didn't know what to expect. the lover's dictionary is described by the author as a novel in a unique format, as it is set out like a dictionary..each page is a new entry, alphabetically ordered as you would expect from a dictionary, with all of the words containing a short (between a paragraph and a couple of pages) entry which makes up a jigsaw piece of the story..i must say, that although i felt it was an interesting concept, i didn't find that it read very reminded me of one of those books from when you were younger where you would start at page one and then choose which page to go to next (i can't be the only person who remembers these?!) as it just didn't seem to run together at all..i don't think it helped me that the narrator was one half of the nameless couple, only ever referred to as 'you' and 'i', which i presume was a decision by the writer to make the characters seem more relateable, ie they could be any couple, even the reader themselves? the fact that the ending was left so ambiguous was another reason that i felt it didn't work for me, but it's an interesting concept, and isn't a long book, so may be worth a try if you come across it in the local library..

The Carrie Diaries : Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell
ok, so obviously i have seen sex and the city. i've watched the movies, and although i was never a huuuuge fan - i watched most of the boxset when my sister got it for xmas one year - although i have to admit i have never read the book..when i saw this in the library, a prequel to the 'sex and the city' book which the whole series was based on, i figured it would be worth a read, and imagined it to be quite amusing..perhaps i was getting the writing of candace bushnell confused with the screen-writers' talent on the series, as i don't think there was anything particularly amusing throughout the follows the story of carrie bradshaw as a naive college student who moves to new york and follows her somewhat unrealistic first few months in the city she has always dreamed of being a part of..i do wonder sometimes if i am overly critical of books whose characters' lives are just so incredibly unrealistic..does anyone really decide to move to new york to become one of the members of the upper class society not knowing anyone, or having any job or similar background theirselves? i know that carrie, which i'm sure to the vast majority of readers will conjure up an unstoppable image of SJP, is the city princess who we all wish to be, but i think i just found the premise frustratingly unreaslistic and difficult to relate to..i sort of found it hard to like carrie; she came across as not just naive, but a bit of a free-loader, in the way she turned up on samantha's door-step on a few occasions when things weren't working out and expected to be able to stay, despite the fact that she only hardly knew the woman..i also found the conincidental aspects of her meetings with miranda a little hard to believe, but i guess that's the point of fiction..i understand that there's an earlier title in the carrie diaries also, but this worked alright as a stand-alone book, and a bit of froth if you like that kind of thing - probably a must-read for fans of the characters from the series..


  1. I've never read any of Jill Mansell's books but I think I'll have to start now. Any recommendations?

  2. Yay you did it!
    Interesting- I thought about reading the Candice Bushell books but had far too much to read so perhaps I wont be in too much of a hurry to read them.
    Must have a look at Jill Mansell- I always see her books in charity shops.
    (by the way I am having a little giveaway which you're welcome to enter- I could imagine you in the prize!)

  3. Yay,a fellow reader!
    I've only tried one Candace Bushell book,can't remember what one,but I hated it!LOVE Sex and the City, the show,though.Maybe I just don't like her style of writing?!
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently!Lovely to meet you!XXX