Monday, 24 October 2011

a very merry unbirthday to me..

 anyone who has read a handful of my outfit posts, or has been in my wardrobe room, will know that i'm a total sucker for anything with a quirky when the lovely folks at very contacted me to ask if i would like to review an item from their site, i knew what i wanted - this dog print playsuit has been on my wishlist for a long while, so i jumped at the chance to add it to the quirky print section of my wardrobes..

i've got to admit i've not done very much shopping from the very site in the past, but i do like to browse, and am particularly fond of their 'celebrity' collections..i like the contrasts between the Fearne and Holly clothing; Fearne items being more rock-and-ready than Holly's more feminine, mad-men inspired dresses..but my favourite collaboration collection of them all has to be DeeVee by Diana Vickers, which always seems to be full of pretty prints with a quirky twist, and cute knits with fur trims and sequins to give a bit of added pizazz..

as i hadn't shopped from the range before, i was a little wary about the sizing, and deliberated over which size i ought to go for..but i took heed of the advice given on the page by those who had bought and reviewed the item (something which i think more websites are beginning to offer, which i think is definitely a good thing, and i do pay attention to them, as well as adding my own!) and ordered my usual size, rather than sizing up (which i often do with a playsuit / jumpsuit, as i have a bit of a complex about the size of my bum / tum / thighs)..i was a little worried when it arrived that i wouldn't fit into it, but i needn't have been, the cut is great, and it's totally true to size so i'm glad i didn't size up..

as well as the print (of course), i really like the cut and quality of the playsuit - the inside is all lined with cream satin, which i think adds a bit of a luxe feel to it, and means there are no worries about the fact that it's a pale colour and coule be's not at all, which i was suprised and pleased about..the net at the top of the back of the playsuit adds a little something to the garment as well in my opinion..the front is cut to a fairly high neckline, so i think the section at the back is there to lend the playsuit a bit of a 'partywear' feel..

i found it quite easy to wear, and very it was a chilly day by the beach, i added a pair of thick woolen tights which i thought would pick out the plum accents of the dog print, and then threw on a chunky knit cardigan over the top for warmth..

i'm really happy with this piece and would recommend both the service and the quality of the product to anyone looking for something a little bit different from that which you can get on the high street..


  1. I'm the same! They're called 'Conversation Prints' my friend in the fashion boz tells me :) Will have to check out the DeeVee collection, sounds right up my street! xx

  2. That play suit is adorable! Love me a quirky print

  3. LOVE this printed playsuit. I love a good quirktastic print and this one def. falls into that category!!!!!! I absolutely love it with the cardigan and tights-awesome for fall!

  4. that is so so you Char! love it x

  5. I love a quirky print too and you look fab in this xxx

  6. It looks brilliant on you - love the back too, I reckon it could be dressed up really well :)

  7. I love the print too and I really like the way you have paired it with the wine tights. I love looking at the Very website but it is always out of my price range :( One day I will splurge!

  8. I love this dress, you have styled it very well xx

  9. love the playsuit, love you in it! The print is fabulous!

  10. Ooh love this print and the way you styled it, excellent winterwear! :)

  11. How brilliant! This is so cute and it really suits you, looks fantastic with those tights :)