Monday, 19 December 2011

all of the other reindeer..

coat: next (gift) // gloves: primark
bag - barely seen: river island
dress: primark // cardigan: forever 21
leggings: h&m // socks: primark // boots: river island (via ebay)

meet my favourite coat..a gift from someone i used to know, several years ago, but i still love the colour, the shape of it, and after finally getting it dry-cleaned last week (although not very well, as i noticed when i took it out of the plastic sleeve that the mud is still quite visible, but don't suppose i can do anything about it now as i didn't point it out at the time of picking up) it's made it back into my rotation of coats..

i had a horrible evening of pain on friday, and was quite glad when i woke up on saturday and actually felt up to getting up and getting dressed..i decided to mix a few of my recent purchases, starting with the f21 reindeer cardigan..i'd also decided i rather fancied trying out the new leggings i picked up from h&m on my wanderings into town with alex last week, and figured they'd go quite well with my mustard socks from primark when i was in bham..socks over tights / leggings is something which takes me back in my mind to being in school..especially frilly-edged socks!

i really like this pair of river island boots, but i am doing them some damage already (they were second hand from ebay) and also have almost completely worn out one of my most-worn pairs of pixie boots, so i am on the lookout for a pair of lace up boots like these, but in leopard print..i know i saw them somewhere a few months ago but can't seem to see what i have in mind on any of the sites i've looked on today..will keep looking..

i feel like it's a bit of a mish-mash, but i kinda like it..thoughts?


  1. I like it :)

    Especially the cardigan.


  2. I love the cardigan so much and you look lovely as ever. Sorry to hear you're in pain at the moment, I hope it doesn't last and sorry for the lack of commenting as of late! I got your Christmas card and yours is in the post :) xxx

  3. I love how brave you are with your pattern clashing. You definitely pull it off.

    That cardigan is fantastic by the way!