Friday, 16 December 2011

if i were a boy..


i think that if i were a boy, i would be one of those annoying ones who wears shorts every day - even days like today where the news and weather forecasts seem to be warning of snow everywhere! the ones you tend to drive past and think "why are you wearing shorts, it's 2 degrees!!" and yet, i seem to be obsessed with them recently..

also in quite a good mood as my weekly weigh in went well, which was just what i needed after a complete and utter lack of 'swimthusiasm' and literally having to force myself through my 100 lengths, the couple of pounds lost really made me glad i'd made the effort..i can't remember the last time i was less than 10st, so i'm quite glad..

these shorts, and the top for that matter, are from the fabulous tesco clothing range - i've lost count of the number of times i've gone to do my food shopping, and come home with a new jumper instead..i've gone for a 'dress down friday' look as i think i have to put the xmas tree up later on - bah humbug!

if (unlike me) you are feeling in a festive mood, but need your party outfit sorting out, i've added a few dresses to my blog sale page in case you'd like to take a look..


  1. Tesco really have some amazing clothes at the minute, i've got lots of things bookmarked when I get paid next week.
    You look lovely Char, you can really tell you've lost weight. Love the shorts on you and well done on the weight loss!

  2. I think those shorts are worth a teeny shorts obsession though - they are fab. Can't believe they're from Tesco. Jen x

  3. Well done on the weight loss :) If I were ever to be under 10stone again I would possibly die of happiness!