Saturday, 31 December 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas..




this was my outfit for christmas day with the family..the dress came from a charity shop (and cost £5.99) several years ago, but i had never worn it, so i dragged it out on saturday evening and realised i would have to alter it a little to make it fit - i was still told all day that my dress was too big, in between the comments about how much weight i had lost and therefore how i must not be eating properly (my family are so annoying)

anyway, i think it's a vintage monsoon one, and i figured that the colours were fairly festive - when i started to get a bit cold i had to borrow a navy cardigan from my mum..all in all the day was much better than i had anticipate; certain people have a tendency to drink too much and become fairly vile, but that wasn't too prevelent on sunday, whcih i was thankful for, and other than the constant comments and attempts to get me to eat things, i had a nice day.. i was very lucky and received some lovely presents, which i will no doubt share here..


  1. What an amazing dress! You look fab x

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous :)

  3. Oh Char I know exactly how you feel, when I lost 3 stone when I was 18 (put 2 of it on now :() I constantly had to put up with that. I was eating just not eating junk. I felt so much better within myself, went from a size 16 to nearly an 8. But after so much peer pressure I started putting the weight back on to please others and can't seem to get into the swing of things again :(
    I personally think you look amazing and healthy!
    Have a great new year lovely!

  4. Gorgeous dress, your waist looks so tiny in it!! I know what you mean about family trying to force feed you, I just naturally take smaller portions than everyone else. There's nothing wrong!

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love this dress, I could imagine it would be great for halloween too.
    Happy new year xxx

  6. That dress is lovely, the colours are really good. I'm so impressed that you just up and alter stuff to fit, I need to learn that skill.
    Sorry to hear about the vile people, I have vile people in my family too but they are not invited to my home so that solves that problem ;0)
    Kandi x

  7. Aaah this dress is so beautiful, what a find! Ok now keep finding excuses to wear it, it's too pretty for just once a year! :)

  8. That dress is gorgeous and you look fab in it :) What a stylish Christmas Day outfit and an absolute steal at 5.99!! Happy New Year! Jen x

  9. LOVE that dress Char, you find the best stuff x

  10. love your dress, it looks lovely on you. We all know the effort you're putting into your healthy regime, don't be put off. You are looking gorgeous x.

  11. Love this dress so much! It looks fab on you xxx

  12. That dress looks wonderful on you and the navy cardi is so cute over the top of it!
    Z xx