Thursday, 1 December 2011

the sunlight hurts my eyes..

a very quick outfit post today, i haven't yet decided if i will participate in 'dressember' but just in case...
dress: vivien of holloway // heels: primark (£12!!!) // cardigan and hair bow: h&m

off to swim after work, as i feel like i am lagging behind after feeling ill for so long, and then having a christmas menu meal with the district (guiding people)..i don't feel the least bit festive yet..


  1. Those V of H dress designs always look so fabulous. The necklines, those swirly skirts. I'm not good in dresses, I swoosh past stuff and it all falls down. (The stuff not the dress!).
    That's a good order of things...swim, feel virtuous and then eat festive meal! Enjoy your evening!
    Z xx

  2. Your dress is absolutely stunning! Love it, it's so festive! I hear you on a feeling sick part-I'm fighting a sinus infection and I haven't done pics for an outfit post in over a week! Feel better soon!

  3. Your shoe collection is just absolutely stunning! So jealous!


  4. That dress is amazing!! And it looks perfect with the Primark heels =D I can't believe they're Primark, are they comfortable?? I've often found that Primark heels hurt my feet even though they look amazing.

  5. Gorgeous dress! My mum had her xmas night out on Tuesday and mine is next week, madness! Dont think I'll be feeling festive til I leave work on Xmas eve... :)

  6. Love your Vivienne dress - they're so swooshy. Don't you feel like you should be in Grease? Your heels are a rather amazing bargain too. Hope your meal starts you off on the festive feelings!

  7. Ah I love Vivienne of Holloway- the boning is really flattering! I love it in this red - mine is red polka dot but I'd consider buying this colour even though it is very similar!

  8. This outfit should make you feel frstive! You look great char, I love the fit of this dress and the colour is gorgeous against your hair.

    And are they the new heels I spy?


  9. love the cut and colour of your dress! I hope you start feeling a little bit festive soon x

  10. The VoH dresses are made for you Char! I'm far too small and round to carry them off with the elegance you do. I love the casual cardigan with it too, shows how versatile their dresses can be. Amazing heels too! there's plenty of time to feel festive - don't want to peak too early! x