Thursday, 8 December 2011

you had my heart inside your hand..


i'm not feeling very organised this week, i can hardly believe it's thurs already - i've managed to leave my camera at work most of the week, so that's the reason for the appalling quality iphone pics of tuesday's outfit, but i wanted to break the posting hiatus..
i've been majorly busy with the following:
  • making and sending xmas cards
  • and wrapping and sending presents (i think the queue of people in the post office were less than impressed when they saw this pile making it's way towards the counter on mon with me underneath..
  • planning a penguin themed weekend for my rangers
  • working to crazy deadlines
  • swimming, doing sit ups and 30day shred workouts - i am determined not to have another diet fail this week
  • trying to figure out how to make penguin 'cupcakes' (sorry alex)
  • watching the entire series of lost - so far i'm up to season 2 - i got the final two season boxsets last week and decided to start the whole lot again
  • ticking off the bloggers' secret santa list- if you haven't yet sent, the deadline is down as tomorrow...let me know if you're having problems :)
i have not been busy with the following:
  • finishing my #caanowrimo novel
  • doing the 30day declutter 
(i failed on both of the above)

outfit above: dress: river island // cardi: primark // belt: primark // ring : tesco

what's everyone else been up to this week..?


  1. I really don't know how you fit so much in.....your like super women! xxx

  2. Hello! a) That is an impressive pile of parcels! b) Mmmm, nice ring! My favourite colour c) Preeeeeeety dress- looks like Monsoon? d) Nice mirror! e) I'd have been thinking mean things about you in the post office queue! ;-)
    e) I adore Lost! I recently gave in and finally bought the last season and literally watched the lot in 3 days! Not much work was done then! f) shreds sound horrrid! g) I've also failed on the declutter. My house looks like a charityshop dump room! h) My week has been singing singing singing. Tomorrow I have a teaching observation and I am terrified! The person who is watching is a bit of an unknown quantity, my class are awful and I'm teachign something I've never taught before. I'm feeling stressed and shou;dn't really be on Blogger! Luckily, my missing memory stick which was driving my stress-levels skyhigh has just turned up!!!! Hope you're well!x

  3. Woah that is a helluva lota post!
    I look forward to seeing the penguin cupcakes if you figure it out!
    I watched Lost back in the day but was still Lost when it ended :( X

  4. That is one impressive pile of Christmas presents. I worked at a local small company a few years ago and I used to be send to the post office with at least 4 massive bags full of post. LITERALLY! It was always 20 mins before the last post collection too. I've never felt more hated.

    Laura x

  5. to be honest if you were in our post office with that lot in front I would probably go home and try again later! What a lot of stuff to post.
    Love your dress here x

  6. Haha I'm sure the staff in my post office secretly curse me on a weekly basis! I gotta sort more ebay stuff actually but just letting the hangover work its way out hehe! Yay for watching Lost, thats way better than decluttering! :)

  7. Love your mirror! You look great in it too.

  8. I have a pile of parcels like that to send out too. I'm dreading going to the Post Office as I know I'll get moaned at! (Even by the PO staff - they're so rude!)

    Tess xx

  9. That dress is gorgeous, really pretty.
    Its funny but when i got the parcel and saw the cute tape on it, i knew who it was from befor i opened it. I don't know how i knew though! x

  10. That, queridita, is a lot of post! Without the amazing little package you sent me last week. We're still firmly attached, by the way. He and my scarf from Alex (which I presume you knew about, and it's what you wouldn't tell me about!) make a fine pair!

    I have so much shit to do today and tomorrow. We're supposed to be going south to visit family, I still have stuff to wrap, still have things to post, and I'm off to Glasgow on Monday and have to prepare for that AND try and sort out TG and I.

    *sigh* Why is Christmas so freaking stressful!