Friday, 9 March 2012

do you remember the good old days before the ghost town..

cardigan@ primark
dress: cow vintage // necklace: topshop
scarf: zara // shoes: irregular choice
  After a couple of matchy-matchy outfits during the course of the week, I decided it was high time for a complete mish-mash. I know I've worn this dress quite recently, but I do like it - although it's so big on me that it has been banished to the alterations pile, which I am going to try and work my way through this weekend.

It also gave me an opportunity to wear these shoes for the first time; they came to me via ebay about six weeks ago now and have been waiting for a moment to shine. I already have the same style in many other colours and patterns, and I would say that they are the most comfortable style of Irregular Choice heels of all of my collection.

I have another fairly quiet weekend planned, which is fine as this week has really taken it out of me and I'm feeling the need to relax in readiness for another crazy week next week. Any exciting weekend plans out there?


  1. Droooling over the dress Char! x

  2. That cardigan is such a pretty colour, really suits you!x

  3. I swear you have the best shoe collection of all time Char! I got your letter the other day, reply is in the post. I love this dress too, lovely colours. xxx

  4. Those shoes are darling and very you xxx

  5. love your irregular choice shoes!! x