Sunday, 18 March 2012

hangin' on the telephone..

necklace: accessorize // vintage blouse: ebay
heels: next - birthday gift from alex

skirt: primark
 After a late night in Liverpool on Tuesday, followed by a pre-6am departure on Wednesday morning to get to London, it's fair to say that by Thursday morning I was feeling less than inspired on the outfit front. I literally grabbed this blouse from the "to be put away" pile and threw on this skirt, which I'm still not convinced flatters me, before stumbling, bleary-eyed out of the door after taking some blurry photos.

I won the blouse on ebay about two years ago for pennies, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've worn it, so I thought I'd let it have a post!  The necklace was an accessorize sale purchase and proved to be the perfect length to clunk on and off my desk all day long. I think that's the reason I don't tend to wear many bangles, despite owning them - I tend to take them off in a rage (there's quite a pile of jewellery accumulating on my desk; from time to time I have to take them all home again).


  1. I love the colour of the skirt and those shoes are fab.

    X x

  2. Love the shoes, I dont think it would be possible to be unhappy wearing them!

    Karys x

  3. Oh I ADORE the necklace! When when when did you buy it?! (boo hiss, I went past Dotty Perks today and they had the bird print dress in the window! Ahrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    I'm like that with bangles! I was bought one for Christmas and I was wearing it to church this morning but as I was playing piano, it had infuriated me after about 1 minute so I took it off and I've realised it is STILL there!

    1. Hi Kezzie, it was a long while ago when I managed to snap that necklace up i'm afraid, I can't remember if it was Jan2011 or earlier- sorry!

  4. I can't actually decide what my favourite part of this outfit is!! I think it might be the necklace but just by a tiny bit! x

  5. Loving those shoes!


  6. fabulous blouse and skirt, well everything really. Such a great outfit, you look lovely x

  7. Ooh loving this blouse, and the cool necklace, Accessorize has the best stuff :)