Friday, 16 March 2012

of all the gin joints in the world..


mustard heels: primark

floral pinafore dress: handmade by me !

elephant blazer: primark
 I know I've been fairly quiet on the blog front this week, but I've managed to get other things done..I finished this dress on Tuesday morning and wore it for a well-enjoyed day off. I can't recall the pattern reference number (although can add it in if anyone wants) although I know it's an old one - recently, I was at my District Commissioner's house for tea before Guides and she found her old collection of sewing patterns, which she gave to me, and this was one of those.

Although I didn't remember to take a photo of the details, it's a pinafore, buttoning at the back and the straps, which meant I could use some of the lovely vintage buttons in my various jars around the flat.

I decided to go fairly simple with the mustard shoes to counter-balance the pattern clashing of the elephants. This blazer is one of my great loves at the moment; it's becoming a go-to piece and I'm certainly getting my wear from it.

A jolly outfit for a jolly day - after crossing all of the errands off my list in the morning, I went for a swim and then headed up to Liverpool to visit the lovely Alex, and off we went to watch a total classic at FACT, after a yummy halloumi (another great love, it's on the list under the elephant blazer!) sandwich and running into equally lovely Rebecca on our way.

***p.s. If you have a spare moment, go on over to A Thrifty Mrs and enter her giveaway to win an amazing Diana F+ camera! (Then again, if you don't, my chances of winning are somewhat bettered...) ***


  1. It was fab to see you! Sorry I was in such a rush, ridiculously bad timing. Glad you both enjoyed the film (: Xxx

  2. It'd be great if you could find out the pattern reference. Making a dress is some thing I'd love to have a go at one day. This dress is lovely, and the blazer is so much fun x

  3. Liking the pattern clashing here. A lot. Love your dress, you clever thing you. xx

  4. Did you see Comtesse de Ferveur's post on her dalmation top? Thought of you when I saw that. The elephants are cute but the dress is beautiful - you're a genius!

  5. This is such a smashing dress - I wish I could make dressed, saying that i've never tried so it's off on my things to do when we finally get around to fixing the sewing machine table hinge thing!

  6. Elephants! And florals! Ok I say this weekly but this may now be my fave outfit on here.. ;)

  7. That's such a cute look!


  8. gorgeous dress, what a great make! Loving the print of your blazer too :)
    XO Amie

  9. Oh I love your outfit, and that dress is gorgeous. Can't believe those mustard shoes are primary!! You look lovely xxx

    Love, Naheeda x

  10. Great elephant print and love the mustard heels :)

    Karys x