Thursday, 29 March 2012

straighten up and fly right..

skirt: get cutie // shrug: h+m
shoes: primark
necklace: topshop

A hastily thrown-together outfit this morning, as I tried and disgarded a few things which I'm not liking the fit of recently. Very sleepy this morning, I'm blaming it on the ice-skating trip with my rangers last night, which went fairly well I think - no major injuries, and only knocked on one wrong door (much to the amusement of the girls already in the car!) I managed not to fall over, but also managed to forget to take a cardigan, and by the end couldn't really feel my arms!

My camera seems to have given up over the last few days, hence the dodgy iphone pictures - hoping to get it fixed or find another one I can use. Other than ice-skating, my week so far has consisted of a lot of chocolate, making easter nests with the guides on Monday, gradually posting out ebay parcels and taking the car-boot leftovers to the charity shops around town, and a lot of letter-writing..Apologies if you're waiting for a letter from me, I'm being so slow with it at the moment!


  1. That skirt is amazing :] Ice skating is so fun i used to go quite a lot when i was younger but i haven't been for a while x

  2. Holy crap what an amazing skirt! x

  3. love love love the print on your skirt!!! xxx
    Love Amie

  4. I love the skirt! I've only been ice skating once, and I'm dying to go again. The nearest rink is so far away, and I'm so uncoordinated that I fear I would completely destroy some small child that was just trying to have a bit of fun.

  5. Woah that skirt is pretty damn amazing!
    I haven't been ice skating for years and would probably be filled with dread if I had to go now x