Wednesday, 6 June 2012

he marched them up to the top of the hill..

Has everyone recovered from a weekend of festivities? I was happy with how my weekend turned out, despite the typically British weather. Yesterday I drew the winner of my giveaway; thank you to all who entered and the prize is now winging it's way to Hannah.

I have a two-day week this week, which means fitting the usual workload for five days into today and tomorrow, whilst also planning a weekend of guide camp. I'm stressing already and convinced I'm going to forget something important. This morning I wrote 'knives' on  a post-it note and stuck it on the fridge. I fear that visitors to my kitchen may be concerned if I don't get a little more specific with my note-writing.

In case you're not all completely fed up to the eyeballs with anything Jubilee-related, I'll move on to an outfit post. I must admit, this time last week I hadn't really bought into the whole Jubilee business at all. I wouldn't consider myself particularly patriotic, had managed to throw something red, white and blue together for our Guides' party and that was about it.
guard print skirt: cath kidston

But at some point last week, I changed my mind. I decided to order this guard print skirt form Cath Kidston, which I'd seen a while ago in the store and rather fancied then. Before sort of forgetting about it. I've seen a few other 'jubilee themed' items of clothing around the shops, but really, how much wear are you going to get out of a t-shirt proclaiming JUBILEE2012 after the weekend has passed?

cardigan: new look // top: primark
This skirt, however, I can see myself actually wearing again. In fact, it's doing well already. I wore this outfit on Saturday to wander into town and run some errands, then meet a friend for lunch. I then wore it again on Sunday for out fundraising stall (quickly changing the red boots for a pair of wellies when the weather started to look unlikely to pick up - it didn't).

Anyone else having issues remembering that it's Wednesday today?

red boots: office (via ebay)


  1. love that skirt, and thanks so much again! i know what you mean about the jubilee themed merchandise, but there's a scarf in topshop i love the look of and it's pattern is like, telephone boxes and teacups - british, yes, but it doesn't scream jubilee so i think those kinds of patterns are timeless (: xxx

  2. The print on that skirt is so cute! x

  3. Had my eye on that skirt for a while! Might need to purchase!! :)

  4. Love this skirt! It's definitely a worth while Jubilee investment =)
    Good luck with camp, I am sure you won't forget anything!

  5. I want your entire wardrobe, I've decided.

  6. It was so hard this morning getting out of bed for work. I've so not missed early alarm clocks.

    X x

  7. Hi! Did you receive the parcel intact?
    I've been admiring that skirt for so long and funnily enough, I am wearing the matching scarf/hankie in my blog-post today!!

  8. I love that skirt, I'm so jealous of all the prints in your wardrobe! I currently have my eye on the seagull print dress in Cath Kidston, but I think I'm going to have to wait for the sales!


  9. It looks so cute on you! :)

  10. hurrah for a super-short week! I do love that skirt x

  11. You always managed to find the best prints, this skirt is no different!

  12. my prize arrived today! i'm so excited, thank you *so* much! i posted about it on my blog, i hope you don't mind! xxx