Sunday, 16 September 2012

somewhere better better better to go..

dress: h&m
cardigan: topshop // shoes: river island
Looking back at some of my old posts, coupled with looking into my overflowing wardrobe room has got me thinking about how often I wear some things.

Take this cardigan. I ummed and ahhed over it - it was from Topshop, making it expensive for a cardi. I finally took the plunge and treated myself to it around my birthday a couple of years ago.

And since then? I can't remember wearing it very often. I paired it with skinny jeans in April,  and before that I wore it with this floral dress on a couple of different occasions. That seems to be about it, though. This does seem to be fairly representative of a lot of the items in my wardrobe; I'll want them for a while and then when I finally get them, overlook them for something else.

I'd forgotten about this dress, as well. I think I bought it a few years ago, I remember it coming from h&m and that I changed the cord at the front to a ribbon as I thought it would look better. I wasn't sure if it would still fit,but tried it on and packed it into my bag to take to York a couple of weeks ago. I must try and make more of an effort to wear the things I have before being so quick to decide I "have nothing to wear" and using that as an excuse to go shopping..! Does anyone else have this problem?


  1. Gorgeous outfit!
    I am terrible for leaving things languishing in drawers. I would have things to wear if I looked!

  2. Yup! Forever picking up new bits then discovering, actually, I had plenty old bits all along! You got back from Bestival ok? x

  3. That's a pretty cardigan - you should wear it more often! I talked a bit on my blog recently about combatting 'nothing to wear' syndrome, by sticking to a colour palette of 4-5 colours so that everything goes with everything else. It's really helped me get more wear out of my things.

  4. I love that Cardi, i have a whole wardrobe full of items i have only worn a handful of times, i feel an ebay sale coming on!

    I love that Cardi!


  5. I LOVE that cardi. I really need to go through my wardrobe, god knows what is lurking.

  6. yes, i do that exact same thing it's really bad! :/ that outfit looks lovely on you though xxx

  7. such a pretty cardi. I seem to wear some things to death while other things barely see the light of day...

  8. I do this an awful lot too Char. I end up buying t-shirts or jumpers that at the time I'm really smitten with but after wearing them a couple of times I end up thinking that they're childish or don't suit my age's silly really because I'm my own worst enemy. I really like this cardigan though and it goes so well with the dress. xxx

  9. I love both the cardigan and the dress, although I always do that, I want something for ages and then completely forget about it!

    Maria xxx